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 Descendants of Henry Kable

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946. Roy Kable

SENTENCE OF DEATH Kable Murder Trial SYDNEY, Friday:
A sentence of death has been passed on Roy Kable, 32, for the wilful murder of his wife, Irene Kable. Kable said he was satisfied he had had a fair trial. Mrs. Kable died soon after her husband attacked her with an axe in their backyard, in Newtown, on April 29th.
Source: The Riverine Grazier 1 Sep 1944

The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 1944.

279. Arthur Alexander Kable

FATAL ACCIDENT. Mr. Arthur Kable Killed
An accident, which unfortunately ended, fatally, occurred on the Bogan Road, about. 1 p.m. yesterday, the victim, Mr. Arthur A. Kable, passing away a few hours later in the Parkes District Hospital. With his brother-in-law,- Mr. W. Marshall, and his youngest son, Jack Kable, Mr. Kable was aged in felling timber to obtain props for use In the mining operations in progress at Cuurrajong; The place selected yesterday was about three miles from town. Mr. Marshall and the boy cut down a tree with a crosscut saw. As It fell it struck another tree, and a number of branches were broken off. They sheltered themselves from flying branches with their hands, Mr. Kable was standing a little distance away, with a lorry, and when they turned round, after the tree had fallen, they were surprised to see him lying on the ground. Examination revealed, that he was unconscious, and that he had been struck a severe blow on the back of the head. How he received the injury can only be conjectured, as he was not in view of his companions when the accident happened, but it is thought that one of the flying branches had struck an adjoining tree and rebounded, striking Mr. Kable. As efforts, to revive the injured man were fruitless he was placed on the motor lorry and brought to Dr. Barton's surgery, and after attention at the hands of Dr. Murray, he was removed to the Parkes Hospital by Mr. Bleechmore, in the District Ambulance. Mr. Kable did not recover consciousness, and died about 3 p.m. The base of the skull had been badly fractured in the accident. An inquiry into the circumstances will be held by the District Coroner, Mr. H. W. Hall. Mr. Kable, who was 48 years of age, was a native of the district, and the third son of the late Prosper Kable. He is survived by a widow, four sons and two daughters. The funeral took place this afternoon to the Anglican Cemetery, the funeral, arrangements being in the hands of Mr. J .T. Cock.
Source: Western Champion 15 Feb 1932