Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Henry Kable

Notes - Page 25

754. Vincent Guy Kable

The death occurred at his home in Carthage Street, Tamworth, on Tuesday, of Mr. Vincent Guy Kable, aged 55, town clerk of Tamworth for the past 34 years, and one of the most prominent figures in Local Government in New South Wales. Although death was unexpected, being due to a heart attack, the late Mr. Kable bad been ill for some time, the great pressure of work associated with his manifold duties, especially during the war and Immediate post-war years, having taken a heavy toll of his strength.  Besides being town clerk, he was the Tamworth Municipal Council's chief electrical engineer, and in recent years had been, first, a member of the State Electricity Advisory Committee and then of the State Electrical Authority. He was one of the most able, if not the ablest, town clerks in the State. His reputation as an administrator was widely known not only in Local Government, but also in the higher State circles. His appointment to the State electricity bodies, and during the war to the Commonwealth Administrative Planning Committee, represented a high recognition of his administrative capacity. The late Mr. Kable was born at Jolimont Station, Nebo, Queensland, on November 5, 1891. He came to Tamworth with his parents and entered the service of Tamworth Municipal Council in July, 1906. He became town clerk on November 5, 1912, at the age of 21. He was appointed the council's chief electrical engineer on November 23, 1925. His experience of electricity development gained the recognition of the State authorities, and he was appointed a member of the Electricity Advisory Committee set up by the State Government in February, 1939, and then of the State Electricity Authority. Mr. Kable had visited Taree in connection with the Electricity Advisory Committee. He was a director of The Northern Daily Leader, and had many other interests. He leaves a widow, two sons, Donald (Newcastle), and Kenneth (Tamworth), and one daughter, Muriel (St. Luke's Hospital, Sydney). Mr. Colin Kable (Eastwood) is a brother, and Mesdames Daisy Clark (Highlands, Uralla), and Mona Clarke (New Lambton, Newcastle), sisters.
Source: The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer 9 Sep 1947