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Descendants of Isaac Cornwell

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Mary Ann Eaton

Richmond News.
The news of the death of such an old and respected identity as the late Mrs. Isaac Cornwell, caused much sorrow in town on Friday last. Mrs. Cornwell was perhaps one of the oldest Hawkesbury natives, having been born in the vicinity of Grose Vale 90 years ago on May 5th last. She therefore could give much valuable information respecting the early settlement in this district and could speak from personal knowledge in regard to the progress made in all directions. Mrs. Cornwell had been twice married, first to Mr. Richards, and her first family were :-Messrs. B. Richards, J.P., who is well-known throughout the length and breadth of the colony ; the late Thomas Richards, who died some little time ago ; William Richards of Forbes: and Mrs. Sarah Buckland (deceased). Her second husband, Mr. Isaac Cornwell, died some time since, the children by this marriage being the late John Cornwell, Mrs. Richard Allen, Mrs. R. Turner, Mrs. Shields, and Mr. Albert Cornwell. The number of grand and great-grandchildren left by the deceased lady cannot be ascertained. The funeral on Sunday afternoon was very largely attended. The remains were interred in the Church of England Cemetery, the Rev. Mr. Hargraves officiating.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 22 Jun 1889

3. Abraham Cornwell

farmer, currier, tanner

The death occurred at his late residence, 'Penzance,' Stewart- street, Bathurst, on the 20th instant, of Abraham Cornwell, the only surving son of the late Abraham Cornwell, of Richmond, at the ripe age of 92 years. Deceased, who was one of the old Hawkesbury natives, was born at Richmond, and for many years carried on the business of saddle and harness maker in that town. He was the third brother of Mrs. J. Tipping, sen., of Penrith, who is still hale and hearty in her 81st year. Two sisters, Mrs. Gloucester White, aged 77, and Mrs. J. Eaton, aged 75, are still alive and active. A brother recently died at the age of 89 years. The remains were interred at Kelso on Friday last.
Source:Windsor and Richmond Gazette 29 Feb 1924

Susannah Eaton

DEATH. CORNWELL.— On June 18th, at "Colchester," Piper-street, Bathurst, at the residence of her son-in-law, Gloster S. White, SUSANNAH, relict of the late Abraham Cornwell, of Richmond, mother of Mr. William Cornwell and Mr. Abraham Cornwell, Bathurst, aged 81 years.
Source: Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal 14 Jun 1888

William Eaton

William and Julia were cousins

Richard Sergeant

Convict Isabella