Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Isaac Cornwell

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241. Colin Cornwell

Divorced 1905

Amy Amelia Taylor

Amy Amelia Cornwell, formerly Taylor, petitioned for a divorce from Colin Cornwell on the grounds of desertion. Petitioner; for whom Mr. EL. Fraser appeared, said she married the respondent, who was a butcher by trade, but who drove a baker's cart, in February, 1896; at Windsor,'according to the Congregational rites. She was 16 years and 7 months old at the time. They lived together till July, 1897, when he locked her out. She had been nursing a sick child, and when she returned home he would not let her in. Years after she saw him at the Hawkesbury show. She subsequently met him at the Redfern Railway Station by appointment, and she asked him if he would make her a home and he said he had as much as he conld do to keep himself. She had a purse containing her wages, and he took it out of her hand. When she got home the purse only contained sixpence. Four years ago he wrote to her from Brisbane asking her to meet him at the Circular Quay, but he did not keep the appointment. A decree nisi was granted; to he moved absolute in six months.
Source: Evening News 22 Mar 1906

40. Isaac Henry Cornwell

Died of Typhoid fever

44. Charlotte Lewis

 Charlotte was said to be the daughter of Mary Lewis and John Lewis. After his wife Mary's death in 1831, John denied partnerity and claimed Henry Greentree was Charlotte's father. Henry admitted to being the father of Charlotte.


George Benjamin Oldfield

Birth registered as George Henshaw