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Descendants of James Griffith Perram


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Hannah Sophia Milton

Hannah's grandfather, Thomas Charles Millton, was convicted at Middlesex in 1833, of stealing a pair of boots. He arrived on Aurora. He was described as: 5 feet 3 1/4 inches tall, ruddy complexion, freckled, brown hair, hazel eyes , tattoos on his arms. He was a shoemaker and later a carrier. He died from a snake bite.

87. Lola Perram

Death registered as Lola Smith (Asher)

18. Zillah Perram

Death registered as Walsh



The two messages below were posted on the Mudgee history website. 

Perram Family

Hi just touching base with anyone interested in helping me with some of my queries surrounding my family background. I have spent some time extremely interested in some stories surrounding Aboriginal heritage from this area. My mother some years ago placed an add in the Mudgee guardian asking for assistance on the perram family. I know there was a response but with hidden family secrets of our past, some opted to discontinue contact & assistance to help. The story goes something like this; my great grandmother was Alice May welsh/ Walsh of Kandos who later married Robert Parlett. Alice told the family that she was abandoned at birth(left in a barn) & raised by the Welsh or Walsh family. Alice & Robert had a number of children & three of the four sons were dark skinned. I am the descendant of Vera Martha, a daughter of Alice. My grandmother passed away recently at the age of 91, unknowing her heritage. Her brothers passed away before her & two of her brothers travelled continually from livestock stations & often lost touch. The birth certificate states Zilla Perram was her mother & although the father on the certificate was her husband we do believe this is not true. Thus the abandonment. My great grandmother also had darker skin & curly hair, she was also a horsewoman. Family stories connect our family to Warrangunyah station. Through recent research I have read about the Wiradjuri people who are strongly connected to Warrangunyah. Zilla Perram was employed at the station & story has it that there may lay the answer to our heritage. My grandmother Vera spoke highly of an Aboriginal man named Uncle George, who played musical instruments at family gatherings. Any help forwarding this to anyone who can help me will be greatly appreciate this. I know my grandmother had a strong connection to Aboriginality as did my Uncle & this has followed through our blood onto me. Thankyou Roz

Thank you Diane for your very quick response & your help in passing this information on. I did get some of the information wrong: Alice May was cared for by the Besant family in the Kandos area however I believe the Besants had some connection to Mudgee. This family may have some information as to how they came to raise my great grandmother. Apparently she took on that name for some time while she was working. My mother said today that story has it that on the day she was married to Robert Parlett, her real mother walked in & stated she was not a Besant & she was her daughter ( Zillah Perram/ Welsh). Zillah Welsh gravestone says Walsh, so this is truly a tough one. I also read on some Internet records that Zillah had a son prior to Alice May named Arthur H Welsh but cannot find anything on him. There are twins throughout the family & after discussing the shock of a son closely born to Zillah & James Welsh, we wonder if Authur & Alice may have been twins? Just unusual Alice May was abandoned to a family we were told were well to do???? My G grandmother Alice May worked at Warangunyah & on her birth certificate her name is unknown, so one can only wonder who named her. Thank you and I must comment on how wonderful this site is. I love Mudgee & surrounding areas. We visited many times as young children & have returned some times in my adult life. Thank you.


Jennie Everingham

Jennie's was descended from convict Matthew James Everingham - born 1768 England - died 1817 Sackville Reach. Matthew was convicted at the Old Bailey in 1784 of stealing two law books which he sold to a dealer. He arrived on the Scarborough. He married Elizabeth Rimes in 1791 at Parramatta. Elizabeth was born in 1774 in England and died in 1841 at Hawkesbury. She arrived as a convict on the Neptune. She had been convicted of stealing and pawning bedclothes from lodgings in Spitalfields in 1789. Matthew and Elizabeth made their home at Sackville Rach, where in 1804 they were attacked by aboriginals and their house and barn were burned. they sffered spear wounds. IN 1809 floods forced them to move to Greens Hills and then on to West Hill (McGraths Hills). Some years later they moved back to Sackville Reach where Matthew was appointed District Constable. When he went to investigate sly grog runner, on Chistmas Day, he fell overboard and was drowned.
Other families connected are: Thomas Arndell - arrived as assistant surgeon with the First Fleet and his wife was an Irish convict who arrived on the Marquis Cornwallis.
Daniel Smallwood - Convicted at Northumberland in 1789 of theft. Arrived Lady Juliana and wife Ann Young - convict Lady Juliana. John Grono - Royal Navy - arrived on the Buffalo.

Allan Aubrey Noble

Allan was descended from Robert Hobbs - convict third fleet and Bridget Heasling - convict Sugar Cane

Nathanial Barker Taylor

Nathanial and Ellen were divorced in 1910

35. Harriet Moon

Divorced in 1909