Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of James Timmins

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141. John Cafe

At the Coonamble Police Court, before Mr. A. H. Perry, P.M., .Mr John Cafe, who was arrested iu Queensland, was charged with leaving his wife (Jane Cafe) without means of support. Mr, J.D.Y. Button appeared to prosecute, and Mr. F. S. Hegarty defended. The accused stated that his wife declined to live with him. After a quantity of evidence had been taken, an order was made for the payment of 15s per week for 12 months, together with £2 8s costs, the first payment to be made on 6th November. He wa also ordered to enter into recognisance in the sum of £39, and to find two sureties of £19 1Os each, or one of £39 for the performance of the order, in default 12 months' imprisonment in Dubbo Gaol.
Source: The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate 22 Nov 1912

Lucy Josephine Keough

A Double-Barrelled Case.
Two Wives in the Same House.
Both Accused Committed for Trial.
Yesterday at the Newtown court, before Mr. Giles,|S. M., Lucy Josephine Machan appeared on remand charged, with marrying William Charles Machan on August 9, 1883, and while so married that she, did on August 14, 1894, marry Arthur Brownfield while her former husband was still alive. Arthur Brownfield was charged with marrying Lucy Josephine Machan while his wife, Annie Brownfield, was still alive. The informations were laid by Sergeant Samuel Matthews. The case of the man was taken first, accused being defended by Mr. J, W. Abigail. Sergeant Matthews gave evidence to the effect of arresting Brownfield. When arrested he said, " I was expecting this. I made a fool of myself and I'll have to be punished. My own wife is no use to me, as she's in the lunatic asylum, but I'm supporting her there." He produced a certificate of the marriage of accused with Annie Burrows in 1869. Evidence was then called to show that Annie Burrows had been admittod to Callan Park Asylum as thewife of Arthur Brownfield, who it subsequently appeared, was married at the same time to the female accused, Brownfield, a first wife had been of weak mind, and was in fact a lunatic. In order to look after her he engaged Lucy Machan, whom he subsequently married. It appeared that the alleged bigamous marriage took place on August 14, 1804, whilst his iegal wife was upstairs at the time ill in bed. He and his second wife were living in the same house from that time up to September, 1895, when Annie Burrows, his first, wife, was removed. -Mr. Giles committed Brownfield to the next sittings of the Criminal Court to be held on Monday next. Bail, was allowed, self in £150 and two sureties, of £100 each.
The case of Lucy Machan was next taken Sergeant Matthews -.stated that when arrested the accused said, "I know you'd, find out that. I was married, to Machan before, and that he's alive. I suppose I won't get more than 10 years," . He produced a certified copy of the marriage lines between William Charles Machan and accused. William Machan, van driver of Campbell street, Tempe, said he recognised accused Lucy, who was his wife. They had been married by the Rev. Waller Davis, Congregational minister, of Newtown, on August 9, 1883. He had not lived with accused for about nine years. Once or twice during the last seven years she had met him in Newtown and spoken to him. She also knew his address, because she had been at his house once or twice when, under the influence of drink. Rev. Waller-Davis produced the marriage register,. showing the marriage between Lucy Goodman and Arthur Brownfield. The woman was described as a widow, and the man as bachelor. Charles Arthur Scharse matrimonial agent of 26 Elizabeth street said that he witnessed the marriage between John Brownfield and Lucy Josephine Goodman on August 14 1894. The Rev. John Davis, Presbyterian-minister, married them at the above address. The man gave the name of John instead of Arthur Brownfield. William Mount gave, corroborative eviIdence of the marriage, and in reply to a question by the accused said, :"You were not under the influence of drink at the time." Clara Woodman, of Erskineville, said she had known the female accused at Mr. Brownfield's house, because he had brought her there to take charge of his wife, who was partly insane. Ever since that accused had been living with Brownfield as his wife. For over a year they had lived together while the man's wife was ill upstairs . The woman's letters were addressed to her as Mrs. Brownfield, and she made herself known as such; and would not be called anything else. Accused had stated to witness that she knew she had committed bigamy, and that she was frightened that her former husband, Machan, would appear against her. Accused when asked if she had anything to say in answer to the charge replied: " No". Mr. Giles then committed her to the next sitting of the Criminal Conrt, to be held at Darlinghurst on Monday, November 18. Bail was allowed in three surties of £80 each.
Source: The Australian Star (Sydney) 16 Nov 1895

522. Sydney Charles Machan

(Before Mr. Justice Pring.) Mr. H. Harris, Crown Prosecutor.

Sydney Charles Machan, 25, pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing 58 blouses and 16 skirts, of the value of £35, the property of Robert Rudolph Hagerbaum, at Sydney, on March 26. Mr. Hogarth, for Mr. J. W. Abigail, appeared for Machan. It was stated in evidence that accused, a carter, took the articles from a hamper which he has been asked to deliver at a wharf. Machan was sentenced to three months hard labour in Goulburn Gaol.
Source: The SMH 12 Jun 1915


Matthew Williams Irvine, aged 25 years, molor carrier, and Sydney Charles Machan aged 30 years, carrier, appeared at the Central Police Court yesterday to answer charges of having stolen 16 motor tyres,valued at £144, the property of Collin and Co., Ltd., from No. 2 wharf, East Circular Quay, on November 16, and four motor tyres, worth £27, the property of Gollin and Co , Ltd., from tho P. and O. wharf. No. S Woolloomooloo Bay. The defendants were represented by Mr. R. D. Meacher. The hearing of this case was adjourned to to-morrow, bail being allowed.
Source: The SMH 26 Jan 1927


523. Florence May Machan

(Before Mr. Justice Gordon.)


The petitioner, Austin Bede Gallagher, sued for a divorce from Florence May Gallagher (formerly Machan), alleging adultery with one William Floyd, who was joined as corespondent. Issues of cruelty, neglect, and misconduct were raised by the respondent. The marriage took place in Sydney in 1911, according to the rites of the Church of England. Mr. Maddocks Cohen appeared for the petitioner; Mr. Bradley (instructed by Mr. W. D. Sohrader) for the respondent; and Mr. Wilfred Shepherd (instructed by Mr. W. D. Schröder) for the co-respondent. Judgment was given in favour of the petitioner, and a decree nisi granted, to be moved absolute in six months. Co-respondent was ordered to pay costs of the suit.
Source: The SMH 6 Sep 1921