Australian English Genealogy

 Descendants of James Timmins

Notes - Page 12

Jennie Everingham

Descendant of convict Matthew James Everingham (Scarborough) and convict Elizabeth Rimes (Neptune).

Allan Aubrey Noble

Allan was descended from Robert Hobbs - convict third fleet and Bridget Heasling - convict Sugar Cane

James Richard Merrick

Mr. James Richard Merrick, aged 58 of Howe's Valley, died in the Dangar Cottage Hospital yesterday morning,. He had been ill for three weeks, and was brought into town on Thursday. The primary cause of death was bronchitis. Deceased was a natice of Howe's Valley, where he had lived all his life, following farming and grazing pursuits. He is survived by Mrs. Merrick, three sons and six daughters.
Source: The Maitland Daily Mercury 7 Sep 1929