Descendants of John Frederick Cobcroft

First Generation

1. John Frederick Cobcroft was born in 1756 in Keighly York England. He died in 1853 in Wilberforce . He was buried in Wilberforce Right 08 13.

John was convicted of highway robbery and arrived in the Colony on the Scarborough.


John married Sarah Smith daughter of William Smith and Esther Turner in 1842 in Wilberforce. Sarah was born in 1772 in England. She died in 1857 in Wilberforce. She was buried in Wilberforce Right 08 13.

Sarah arrived on the Neptune as the de facto wife of John Cobcroft.


John and Sarah had the following children:

+ 2 M i Richard William Cobcroft
  3 F ii Elizabeth Cobcroft was born in 1795. She died in 1795.
+ 4 M iii John Frederick Cobcroft
+ 5 F iv Sarah Ismena M Cobcroft
+ 6 F v Mary Ann Cobcroft
+ 7 F vi Susannah Cobcroft
  8 M vii James Cobcroft was born in 1806. He died in 1830. He was buried in Wilberforce Right 08, 13. [Notes]
+ 9 M viii George Cobcroft
+ 10 F ix Elizabeth Cobcroft
+ 11 F x Matilda Cobcroft
+ 12 M xi Enoch Cobcroft

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