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Descendants of John Frederick Cobcroft

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Edward Robert Hinder

1874 - Appointment School master at the Protestant Orphan School, Parramatta.

Rachel Ann Rose

BINGARA. Thursday.
Mrs. Rachael Cobcroft, who died at the age of 82 years, was a pioneer of Bingara district. Mrs. Cobcroft retained her faculties until her death. She came to Bingara district when a girl, her father, the late Mr. Rose having selected Pallal Station, on the Horton River. The late Mrs. Cobcroft could relate most interesting stories of the hardships country people had to contend with in the early days. She married Mr. George Cobcroft, who predeceased her by many years. Two sons and two daughters survive. A short service was conducted at the Church of England, and the remains were buried in the Church of England portion of the Bingara Cemetery, the service being conducted by the Rev. S. C. Wiseman
Source: The SMH 21 Mar 1930

69. Eliza Mary Cobcroft

The death occurred of Mrs. Eliza Mary Bushell (83), of Wilberforee. ^ Formerly a Miss Cobcroft, her parents were among the first free settlers in the Hawkesbury district. Born at Wilberforee, Mrs. Bushell lived in that centre all her life. She was a prominent member of the old St. John's Church, where she was christened, married, and bur ied. She left a family of six sons and two daughters. Rev. S. Howard officiated at the funeral.
Source: The Land 20 Nov 1925

Louisa Ann Dunstan


The district has lost another of its fine old personalities in Mrs. Louisa Ann Cobcroft, of Wilberforce, whose death took place suddenly in the District Hospital (where she had been undergoing treatment for an injury) on July 17, at the ripe old age of 90 years. A native of Wilberforce, where she had lived throughout her life, the late Mrs. Cobcroft was widely known and esteemed for her many fine attributes, being particularly noted for her church work at Wilberforce, and as a kindly neighbour and good citizen generally. Her husband, the late Samuel Cobcroft, predeceased her some 37 years ago, and she is survived by two sons, Roy and Kenneth, of Wilberforce, and a sister, Mrs. Geo. Marden. The funeral took place on July 18, when the remains were laid to rest in the Church of England cemetery at Wilberforce, the Rev. C. Dorman officiating.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 19 Jly 1950

74. Matida Jane Cobcroft

The late Mrs. F. E. Barker was born on the Hawkesbury 65 years ago, and was the daughter of the late George Cobcroft, one of the pioneer farmers of the district. She was widely known for her ability in nursing the sick. The deceased lady lived with her husband at Moorebank for 27 years, and had just removed to Casula, when she was afflicted with a serious ill ness, necessitating a severe operation, from which she never recovered. The de ceased- leaves a, family of four sons and three daughters. One of the sons, Sergt. Frederick Bede Barker, is at fhe front, having left with the first contingent.
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 19 May 1917

Frederick Edwin Barker

Owing to the absence of witnesses in the country, the inquiry concerning the death of the late Frederick Edwin Barker, of Fairfield-street, Smithfield, who passed away suddenly on January 2 last, was not held until Saturday by the Liverpool Dis trict Coroner. Caroline Ellen Kate Burton stated that she was a widow. Deceased was her father and resided with her. On January 2, after doing a little gardening in the morning, her father went to the rear of the house. About half an hour later witness called him and receiv ing no reply went to the shed and saw deceased in a sitting position in a corner. Spoke to and shook deceased. Could then see he was dead. George Thomas Barker, a son of deceased, stated that he resided at Anthony-street, Fairfield. Deceased had often complained to witness of heart trouble, and had been medically treated for it. Deceased's medical adviser had warned him not to do any work or he would be liable to drop dead. This was in October last, when deceased had an attack of pneumonia. Deceased owned about 111 acres at Casula. His life was not insured. The value of the properties left by deceased would be about £1100. Tho Coroner returned a finding of death from heart failure.
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 13 Apr 1918

Andrew Carmichael Stephens

Quite a gloom was cast over the district  on Friday morning of last week, when it be came known that good Andrew Stephens had passed away. Andrew Carmichael Stephens was one of' the most popular men in the Hawkesbury district, where he was known far and wide as an honourable, upright man. No man had a higher conception of what was straight, fair and just than he, and he lived up to those precepts. He was one of the genuine types of men who liked genuine people, but he had no time for those who wore crooked in their dealings. Broadmind ed in all things, whether in religion, politics, detested bigots, and people; of intolerant views, or the everyday things of life, he naturally and it was for these commendable traits of character that he was so much liked. He was a honest and hard working man all his life, and implicit trust was placed in him by all for whom he worked. For many years he was a valued and trusted servant of the Government, as a maintenance man, under various road superintendents, and they all had a good word for him. Later he was employed by the Colo Shire Council and it was with regret that they parted with their faithful old servant, when he was compel ed by infirmity to resign his position. For 23 years he worked on our roads, proving himselt a very capable man. He was al ways of a bright and cheery disposition, and ever ready to do a good turn for friend or stranger. For many years he was a prom inent cricketer in the Hawkesbury district, and was one of the best wicket-keepers that over donned the gloves. For some years he had been a martyr to rheumatism, and after leaving the service of Colo Shire Council some years ago, he settled down in Wind sor, where, with his eldest daughter, Miss Ethel Stephens, he was carrying, on the business of a fruiterer when he died. About two years ago he sold his orchard property and home at Ebenezer. There he had lived for many years, and grew excellent fruit, a seedling apple which he raised being in great request, not only in the Hawkesbury, but in other parts of the Stale. For some time his health had been unsatisfactory, but no one expected his end so suddenly. He was about on Thursday morning of last week, but not feeling well went to bed in the after noon, and medical advice was sought. But he passed peacefully away in his sleep about 7 a.m. next morning. The late Andrew Ste phens, who was sixty one years of age, was born Portland Head, on the Hawkesbury River, and was the second yo ungest son of the late John Stephens. He was one of a family of 7, and his brothers and sisters all survive him. They are: - George (Newcastle), Mrs. John Melville (Pen rith), James (Ebenezer), John (Wilberforce), Mrs. Walter King (Ebenezer), and Charles (Ashfield). The subject of this notice married in 1880, Miss Sarah Cobcroft, daughter of the late John Cobcroft, of Wilberforce. They were married in St Matthews' Church of England, Windsor, but his wife died 24 years ago, leaving him with a young family. His children are Ethel (who lived with her father), Lizzie (Mrs. John Bennett, North Sydney), Herbert (Windsor), Stella (Mrs. Ron Bennett, Windsor), Horace(Ebenezer), Jessie (Mrs. W. Rutter, North Sydney), Millie (living with her sister, Mrs. Rutter), and Amy (living with her aunt, Mrs. King). The burial took place at the Church of England.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 3 Aug 1917