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Descendants of John Frederick Cobcroft

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Richard Theophilus Jones (Dr.)


Dr. Richard Theophilus Jones, who died on Wednesday at his residence. Cader Iris, Liverpool-road, Ashfield, was one of the oldest medical practitioners in the State. He had been an invalid tor a considerable time, but his death came unexpectedly. Dr. Jones was born in Cardiganshire, South Wales, 75 years ago. He was educated at Carnarvon College, Durham and Glasgow universities, taking his medical degree at the last-named institution. He came to Queensland in the early 'Sixties, and removed to Ashfield in 1874, where he followed the practice of his profession until his retirement about six years ago. For some time he was in partnership with Dr. R. Critchley Hinder, who died a few months ago. He was very popular in the district, where he was regarded as a family doctor of the old school. He took an active interest in the Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital, of which he was trustee and hon. consulting physician. Dr. Jones leaves a widow, who is a daughter of the late Mr. R. E. Hinder, one son. Dr. Basil Jones, who went for a trip to Tasmania early in the week, five daughters, viz., Mrs. G. B. Thomas (Ashfield), Mrs. Frank West (Camden), Mrs. Sutton (Melbourne), Miss Myra Jones, and Miss Phyllis Jones. The funeral took place In the Ashfield Cemetery yesterday. There was a short service in the church, conducted by the Revs, Messrs. Yarnold, Stiles, and Reeve. As the coffin was being borne to the adjoining cemetery the organist (Mr. Alfred Fisher) played the "Dead March" (Saul). Amongst. those present were Dr. G. Bowen Thomas, Dr. Frank West (sons-ln-law) Dr. G. Tudor Jones; Mr. Horace Jones, and Mr. Harold Jones (nephews). Dr. Septimus Hinder, Mr. Selwyn Hinder, and Mr. Alfred Hinder (brothers-in-law), his Honor Mr. Justice Pring, - Dr. A. E. Marden (principal Presbyterian Ladies, College), Dr. A. E. Mills, Dr. P. M. Wood, Dr. A. H. Mosley, Dr. Edgar Stephen, Dr. .F. S. Brierley, Dr. E. V. Barling, Dr. Oscar Paul, Rev. Charles Stead, Dr. J. David Sly, MessrB. A. J. Brierley, L. P. Bain, F. McLeôd, R. T. Baker, A. H. .Whitney, John Dart, E. E. Agate, J. W. Mortley, J. M. Philpott, J: A. Somerville, Albert 'Brown, E. R. Moser, E.F. Stephen, G. Bryant, E. B. Clouston, Hector Allen, J. E. Tacker, Henderson Wood, W. G. Crane, Russell, M. E. A'Beckett, T. D. Neilson, J. R. Johnson, D. L. Aitken, R. Stanton, C. Wilkin, W. Bain, 0. Griffin, G. Watson, A. J. R. Yabsley, D. Barron, C. Kivon, H. Chapman, T. Dennis, W.Bleach, J. W. S. Stephen, L. W. Houston, E. Harper, G. Arnold, C. Vantrelght, C. C. Nelson, G.' E. Weatherill, a Weathérill, S. Josephson, J. Pedemont, J. Copperfield, A. J. Brackpool, and G. Fenner.
Source: The SMH 6 Mar 1914

268. Selwyn Hedley Hinder


The death occurred on Tuesday at his residence, Winsel, Bourke-crescent, Dacey- ville, of Mr. Selwyn Hedley Hinder, dispenser at the State Penitentiary, Long Bay, at the age of 63 years. Mr Hinder, who was born at Wilberforce, was associated with the Prisons Department for more than 32 years, joining the service in 1892 as dispenser at Biloela Gaol. On the closing of that gaol he was transferred to Darlighurst, and when that institution was closed in 1914 he was transferred to the State Penitentiary. When called on at any hour of the day or night, whether by officer or prisoner, he would gladly, without thought of himself render whatever service was needed, and by his unselfishness he endeared himself to all. He has left a widow and two sons and two daughters of a former marriage. The funeral will leave Wood Coffill's Broadway parlours this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock for Waverley Cemetery.
Source: The SMH 11 Jun 1925

Claude Cropton Fleck

With the 150th anniversary celebrations looming closer, Dr. Claude Cropton Fleck's pre-eminent association with the foundation of Australia is recalled. The doctor, who has represented Granville in the Legislative Assembly since he defeated Mr. W. T. Ely in 1932, is a direct decscendant of Margaret, sister of Captain James Cook. Margaret Cook, married James Fleck in 176l, and their grandson ohn was Dr. Fleck's great-grandfather. John's son, Cropton Fleck, was the founder of the Australian family.
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 2 Sep 1937