Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of John Frederick Cobcroft

Notes - Page 28

985. Charles Cobcroft

CHARLEY COBCROFT, under the auspices of the P. S. A. A. Association, won (1) Age Championship (13 years old), (2) High Jump (seniOT), (3) District Championship — Parramatta Division of P.S.A.A.A. This record qualified C. Cobcroft to rep resent the schools of the Parramatta Dis trict at the University Oval, Sydney, for the P.S.A.A.A. Annual Championships. Here he won against all districts the (a) Age Championship (13 years old), (b) High Jump (senior), (c) Championship of the Primary School of N.S.W. for 1937. At Kurrajong Combined P. and C. Asso ciation Sports on Eight-Hour Day, repre senting Wilberforce Public School, Charley Cobcroft was successful in winning the fol lowing events:— (1) Hurdle Race, trophy, a cup; (2) Running Broad Jump; (3) Hop, ?Step and Jump; (4) Pole Vaulting, (5) High Jump, (6) 100 Yards Championship. In each event the trophy won by Cobcroft ?was a cup. The success of Charley Cobcroft and his mates from Wilberforce Public School en abled them to return to school with the Hopkins Cup, of which they can be justly proud. The' Hopkins Cup remains in the Wilberforce School now for the next twelve months. [We congratulate Charley Cobcroft on his splendid achievements, and hope they will be a forerunner of many future successes for this budding athlete. Good luck to him and his school. — Ed. 'G.'].
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 15 oct 1937