Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of John Frederick Cobcroft

Notes - Page 30

1152. Frederick William Cobcroft

WHY HE MOVED OVER NEGRO TELLS POLICE "When a white fella tells a black fella to move over, he moves over." A negro thus explained to the police why he had, allowed Fredrick William Cobcroft (20,) to drive a motor lorry after he had been stopped from doing so because of his condition. Cobcroft pleaded, guilty to a charge of having driven a motor lorry while under the influence of liquor in Kissing Point Road, Dundas. Constable Rutledge said that he and Constable Skinnen stopped Cobcroft from driving the lorry because of his condition. They put him in the back of the lorry and told him to stay thereand, in no circumstances to drive. The other man, a licensed driver, then took charge of the lorry. A little later, the constable said, they found Cobcroft driving the lorry again. He told them, that he had had a dozen or twenty drinks - so many that he had lost count. S.Cobcroft was fined £10.

Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 17 Apr 1946