Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of John Munsie

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12. Robert J Munsie

At Ballina on Saturday morning widespread regret was manifested when it became known that Mr. R. Munsie had passed away at his home at South Ballina. Mr. Munsie at an early hour had carried a couple of bags of corn to his boat with the object of bringing them across the river, when he complained of being ill, and was requested by Mrs. Munsie to lie down and rest. The latter went out to milk, and on her return found her husband dead. Medical examination followed, and it was clear that he had died from heart failure. The deceased was 46 years of age, and leaves a wife and eight children to mourn their loss. The late Mr. Munsie was an old Mid-Richmond identity, and for many years was engaged in the carrying service of the river. He was one of the pioneer skippers in the Woodburn-Ballina run, and also served a long turn with the Fenwick people in the Ballina-Lismore service. In recent years he occupied a farm at South Ballina.
Source: Northern Star 5 May 1909

14. Alexander W Munsie

Occupation: Mail contractor - Richmond River - 10 years. Storekeeper - Applecross, Fremantle.

61. Thomas Welsh Munsie

MUNSIE.-In affectionate memory of my dear comrade, Tom Munsie, who died at Kalgoorlie on October 2, 1911.
Ever remembered. -Inserted by Private Ernie Jackson, on active service in France.

Source: The West Australian 2 Oct 1916

17. Samuel Welsh Munsie

Joined Fremantle Tramway services in its inception. When he died he was one of their oldest employees.
Source: Daily News Perth....

19. John Munsie

MUNSIE.—July 16, 1922, at his residence, Wardell, Moore-street, Campsie, John, dearly loved husband of Christina Munsie, aged 65 years.

Source: The SMH 18 Jul 1922

62. James Alexander Munsie

Died as a result of an accident.