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16. David Pye

The Late Mr. D. Pye.
THE late Mr. David Pye, who died a few days ago at Harris Park, lived near Blacktown nearly the whole of his life. He was a nephew of the late Mr. James Pye, of Rocky-hall, Parramatta, and like that gentleman was remarkable for his industry and perseverance. He was a thorough sportsman, expert with the rifle, and good with the shot gun, either at the trap or in the field. He was also a good amateur rider; among his winning mounts were the Town Plate at Appin about 1854 on Mr. John Longfield's Planet, and the Welter on Mr. Alfred Rose's (his cousin's) Surplice. Mr. Pye was a wonderfully early riser. He was a bit of a revelation to visitors, who would be surprised before daylight to get a call for breakfast, which would be partaken of in candle light. " A very lazy man,* he said, speaking of a resident in the district, why, he's never up before 6 o'clock, and I have half a day's work done then." Mr. Pye made a good deal of money at fruit growing. He used to get £700 a year for his oranges on the trees, only 17 acres. Later on he planted a few more acres and used to get £1000 a year. One time his estate covered 3000 acres. Sixty or seventy acres are now under trees. The orchard, as well as the estate, was divided some years ago between the eldest sons. The chief beneficiaries under the will are Mr. L. W. Pye, of Parramatta, Mrs. Frank Henderson, of Harris Park, and Miss Pye, who is living with her eldest brother at Bondi. Mr. Pye was a great rifle shot and was one of the old volunteers when Dr Brown and the late Mr. R. A. Ritchie were amongst our defenders. He had a good heart and was most hospitable. His first salutation to visitors was " Had your dinner ?" And they never left without being well looked after. The sudden death of his wife six years ago gave him a great shock, from which he never seemed to recover. Mrs. Pye was a niece of the Rev. Mathew Adam, first Presbyterian Minister of Windsor. Mr. Pye's sister survives him at the age of 76, and is as active as a woman of 50.

Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 2 Oct 1897


The Late Mr. David Pye.
An old identity of this district, Mr. David Pye, went over to the great majority on Saturday. Although a resident of Blacktown,. Mr. Pye was known throughout this district, and esteemed and respected ns a straight going, upright man. To the present day Parramattans, the old man was more particularly identified ns the father of Mr. L. W. Pye, our leading cricketer and esteemed chemist. Up to a few months ago the subject of our ..... Then he suddenly broke in health, and rapidly got into a. critical state, from which death brought a happy release. In order to-be near medical advice, Mr. Pye removed from Blacktown to the residence of his daughter, Mr. Frank .Henderson, of Harris Park. Mr. Pye had been a success ful orchardist and cattle dealer in his day, and acquired a great deal of property at Blacktown, owning, at one time, all the frontage to the railway from Blacktown to Riverstone. The funeral took place on Monday, morning, tho cortege moving from Harris Park to the Parramatta station in time to catch the morning train to Windsor. Amongst those present were : Messrs. R. A. J. J., C. W., S. G., and' L. W. Pye (sons), E. D. Henderson (son-inJaw), D. D. Henderson, Doctor Kearney, Messrs. S. 'E.. Walford, W. W. Bodenham, C. E. Byrnes, Revs. J. Paterson and Dickson Hudson, Messrs. John and R. F. Ritchie, G. Coates GL T. Erby, J. Pye, J. Finlayson, E. Marshall, W. Gates, McLennan, J. C. Wilson, -T. J. Miller, Champion, S. J. Pearson, Payten, Jenner, Dennis, :Hugh Taylor and R. L. Dunn. Several travelled by train from Sydney to Windsor, 'where many lending residents joined in.-: 'Tho Rev. O. White (the Presbyterian Minister of Windsor) assisted the other clorgymen at tho grave. Tho Rev. S. G.: Fielding, of Windsor, and Rev. H. Wilson, of Rouse Hill, were also present. Numerous wreaths wore sent to tho house. A handsome wreath was received from the Confcrai Cumberland Electorate Cricket Club, entwined with the Club's colors. Floral tributes wore sent by Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Henderson, Miss Pye, Mr., Leslie W. Pye, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Pye, Mr. 'and Mrs. C. W. Pye, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Pye, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Pye, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Pye, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Henderson, Misses Henderson, Mr. E. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. James Neale, Mr. and Mrs. ,A. R. Henderson, Mr.' arid' Miss Dick, Mr. S. R. Walford, Mr. T. D. Little, Mr. and Mrs. Fossberg, Mr. and Mrs. E. Marshall. Mr. Pye was G8 years of age, and leaves five sons and two daughters. The remains were interred in the family ground at Windsor. The funeral was conducted by Mrs. Jordan
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 25 Sep 1897

34. Robert Adam Pye

All who knew and respected him in this district for his fine record of public service, and his personal integrity generally, learned with deep regret of the passing of Mr. Robert Adam Pye, formerly of Windsor, at his Killara home on April 16, at the advanced age of 87 years.
Probably one of the first registered pharmacists m this State, the late Mr. Pye during the greater part of his professional career conducted at Windsor the pharmacy now owned by Mr C. W. McCoy, and during that period — in 1893-4 — erected the premises in which the business is still housed. His skill in his profession earned him' a wide reputation, and there were many who had cause to be grateful for his kindly help and advice in times of illness and trouble. He will, of course, be remembered particularly for his devoted honorary service to '.the interests of the Hawkesbury Benevolent Society and Hospital, on the board of directors of which he took a leading part for many years, and for some ten years was hon. secretary oi the hospital, in the days when the institution depended largely on public donations and specially needed the wise and careful administration which he gave in such full measure. He figured prominently in the discussions which resulted in the Mooki Estate at Willow Tree (then owned by the hospital) being sold and the proceeds invested to more advantageous interest for the hospital. It was during his term as hon. secretary that the hospital buildings were remodelled, and the stone which commemorates that occasion has since borne his name In appreciation of his outstanding services to the hospital, the directors elected him as a Life Member, and, his family equipped the Pye Ward which perpetuates his name in hospital affairs. One of the doyen members of Hawkesbury District Agricultural Association council, he was years ago elected a Life President of that body in recognition of his long and capable service on the council, meetings of which he regularly attended, even after his retirement, until in creasing age prevented this travel from his home in Sydney. His interest in Show affairs remained keen until the time of his death, and in tribute he was still listed as a ring -steward, even at the recent Jubilee Show. A keen. worker also for old St. Matthew's Church at Windsor, he is listed as one of the church officers as far back as 1895, and there are still many who remember the very successful Church of England Flower Shows he organised .in aid of the church funds and the many distinguished visitors he persuaded to perform the official openings of these efforts. Affectionately regarded also in Masonic circles, he had the distinction of being one ot the oldest members of the Lodge Richard Coley at Windsor. The death in World War I of his eldest son, Lieut.Colonel Cecil Pye, D.S.O., R.A. M.C., was a sad blow to him, and shortly afterwards he retired, disposing of his pharmacy business to the late Archibald Spy. The passing of his wife (formerly Miss Esther Dunston, of Kurra jong) in 1923 was a second bereavement which deeply affected him, and life lost much of its zest in the years that were to follow, though he was happy in the devotion of his family and the deep affection of his friends. General sympathy in their loss is extended to his surviving' family, Eric (pharmacist, of Gladesville), Millicent (Mrs. Cowdroy), Aubrey (Medical Superintendent of Brisbane General Hospital) and Gibson (pharmacist, of Killara). The remains were privately interred in the Presbyterian cemetery at Windsor on April 17, the funeral arrangements being conducted by Mr. Chandler, of Windsor.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette May 1951

Esther Dunston

Mrs. Esther Pye, wife of Mr. Robert Adam Pye, J.P., formerly of Windsor, died at tier home, 'Carnarvon,' Cornell -street, Gladesville, early on Friday morning, 16th November, after a very short illness. The late Mrs Pye was in her usual state of health but took suddenly ill at midnight on Tuesdayr, 13th inst., lapsing into unconciousness, the cause of death being cerebral hemorrhage. Mr. Pye was away in the West on a motor tour at the time of the sudden seizure, and during the night was intercepted at Orange, so was able to reach home on the Wednesday. The late Mrs. Pye was the seventh daughter of the late Mr. John Dunston, of Box Hill, Kurrajong, one of the early pioneers, and was born at Grose Vale on 15th September, 1867, so that she was 56 years of age at the time of her death. She was married to Mr. Robert Adam Pye, of Windsor, on 14th March, 1888, at Christ 'Church,. Sydney, by the Rev. C. F. Garnsey, and her children were: — Dr. Cecil R. A. Pye, Mr. Eric J. D. Pye,, Miss Millicent L. E. Pye, Mr. Aubrey ; D. D. Pye, and Mr. R. D. Gibson Pye. The eldest\son, Lieut. Colonel Cecil Pye, D.S.O., fought in the late war, and was killed in action while in command of the 19th Battalion. He was a distinguished soldier, and, Although so young, commanded a batallion, and, had he not been cut off so early would doubtless have made his mark in the military as well as the medical profession. The late Mrs. Pye was a great church Worker, and. at the time of her marriage had been organist and Sunday school teach er at St. Stephen's, Kurrajong, for eight years. She continued, through life, to take part in the religious life of the community, being for many years associated with the work of St. Matthew's Church of England, Windsor. In hospital work, too, in Windsor, she was a collector and great worker. The Hawkesbury District Agricultural Association has also lost a great worker, for the late Mrs. Pye was a steward for many years. When the war broke out, and throughout the whole period, she was a great worker for funds and comforts for the troops. She was a devoted wife and mother, and in every way led an exemplary life. She was greatly loved by all who knew her. The funeral took place at Windsor on Saturday afternoon at the ' Presbyterian cemetery, after a short service held in the Presbyterian Church, Windsor, conducted by Rev. H. J. Howe, Rector of Christ Church of England, Gladesville, assisted by Rev. R. Cordiner, M.A. (Presbyterian minister at Windsor), Rev. Dixon Hudson (Rector of Hurstville C. of E.), and Rev. Mr. Johnson (acting rector St. Stephen's C. of E., Kurrajong). The Rev. H. J. Howe gave a beautiful address at the church and also at the grave, referring to the splendid life and work of the deceased. The funeral was largely attended. The chief mourners were Messrs. R. A. Pye (husband), Eric and Aubrey Pye (sons), William, John, Harry and Arthur Dunston (brothers), C. W. Pye, J. J. Pye, S. G. Pye, L. W. Pye, E. Woodhill and Rev. Dixon Hudson (brothers-in-law), and there were many other relatives and friends from Sydney, Gladesville, Kurrajong, Windsor and Richmond. There were very many beautiful floral tributes. The coffin was borne from the hearse to the grave by the four brothers of the deceased. The pall-bearers were General J. J. Paine, Messrs. W. H. Haxby, A. Spy, T. Lobb, H. Norris and M. H. Pulsford. Much sympathy has been expressed on all sides for Mr. R. A. Pye and family in their sad bereavement. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Chandler of Windsor.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 23 Nov 1923

47. Thomas Rose

Solicitor - Parliamentarian

21. Thomas Pye

Mr. Thomas Pye, who died at Mittagong on Thursday, had just passed his 94th birthday. Educated at The King's School, Parramatta, he early took a great interest in agriculture, and was for many years the proprietor of Seven Hills nursery at Parramatta. Going to Mittagong, he established Maryville nursery and became one of the best-known orchardists in New South Wales. He was the pioneer of the citrus industry in that district. He was an alderman of Mittagong. He is survived by five sons and two daughters. The remains were interred in the family vault at Parramatta.
Source: SMH 23 Ju 1935