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Descendants of John Teale

Second Generation

2. John Henry Teale (JohnTeale ) was born in 1819 in Windsor. He died in 1891 in Windsor .

John married Charlotte Mary McDonald Sommers daughter of Charles Sommers (came free - Mary Ann) and Ann Radford (Convict - Mary Ann) in 1840 in Windsor. Charlotte was born in 1819 in Parramatta . She died in 1888 in Windsor .

They had the following children:

+ 7 M i John Henry Teale
  8 F ii Blanche Elizabeth Teale was born in 1845. She died in 1921.
        Blanche married John Joseph Trenery in 1883 in Goulburn. John was born in 1845. He died in 1905.
+ 9 F iii Caroline Emmeline Teale
+ 10 F iv Diana Blanche A Teale
+ 11 F v Frances Jane Teale
+ 12 F vi Emily Jane A Teale
  13 F vii Henrietta Sommers Teale was born in 1856 in Windsor . She died in 1917 in Parramatta.
        Henrietta married George Thomas Tuckwell son of George T Tuckwell and Elizabeth Roughley in 1885 in Windsor. George died in 1935 in Parramatta.
+ 14 F viii Mary Ann C Teale
+ 15 F ix Ann Selina Teale
  16 F x Pauline Rachel Alice Maud Mary Teale was born in 1865 in Windsor . She died in 1865.

6. Henry William Teale (JohnTeale ) was born in 1829 in Pitt Town. He died in 1912 in Wilberforce . He was buried in Wilberforce Row 7 Pl18 Right section.

Henry married  Ann Winton daughter of James Winton(Convict - Larkins) and Mary Ann Jane Fanny Lisson in 1852 in Wilberforce. Ann was born in 1831 in Hawkesbury. She died in 1904 in Wilberforce. Mary Ann Lisson was the daughter of convict Thomas Lisson (Royal Admiral) and Ann Bradwell (Experiment).


Henry and Ann had the following children:

+ 17 F i Rose Annie Teale
+ 18 F ii Caroline Elizabeth Teale
  19 F iii Emmaline Teale was born in 1857 in Windsor.
+ 20 M iv William H Teale
+ 21 F v Evangeline Kezia Teale
+ 22 F vi Izetta Lavinia Teale
+ 23 M vii Joseph George Teale
+ 24 F viii Henrietta A Teale
  25 F ix Ivy E Teale was born in 1869 in Windsor. She died in 1958.
+ 26 M x James Winton Teale
  27 F xi Josephine Teale was born in 1874 in Windsor. She died in 1896. [Notes]

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