Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of John Teale


1. John Teale

Convicted in Lancaster. Arrived on the Indefatigable.

Occupation - butcher.


WINDSOR - SEPTEMBER 26.β€”An inquest was this day held, before Joshua Dowe, Esq., the Coroner for the district, on the body of John Teale, who died on the morning of this day. From the evidence of the son of the deceased, it appeared that he had been in the habit of drinking to excess for the last ten or twelve years, and had latterly been indulging to a great extent. He was seized with an attack of delirium tremens on the 24th instant ; but as he had had similar attacks frequently before, his family did not think it necessary to call in medical aid until an hour or two before he died. The jury brought in a verdict, that deceased, John Teale, died of delirium tremens, produced by the excessive use of ardent spirits.β€”
Source: The SMH 6 Oct 1851

Dianna Kable

DEATH OF THE OLDEST WHITE AUSTRALIAN.β€” On Friday last, Mrs. Diana Teale, widow of the late Mr. John Teale, miller, of Windsor, died at her residence in Macquarie street. We believe Mrs. Teale was the second white person born, and the first to live to maturity, after birth, in the colony since its foundation by Governor Phillip sixty-six years ago, she having been born a few months thereafter. We are also informed that Mrs. Teale's father, the late Mr. Joseph Kable, was the first man in the party of the above named Governor to set his foot on shore at Sydney, in the name of the British Government.
Source: The SMH 17 Mar 1854

5. Joseph Thomas Teale

The death of Mr. Joseph Teale snaps another link that, bound the present to the past history of the Hawkesbury. The deceased in his day was one of the best athletes in the Hawkesbury, and fought many a hard fight with the 'raw 'uns.'
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 25 May 1901