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Descendants of John Teale


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Rebecca Harriett Smith

A well-known and highly respected resident of Riverstone, in the person of Mrs. Rebecca Teale, passed away at the District Hospital, Windsor, on Tuesday, at the age of 56 years. Deceased was born at Rouse Hill, and was a daughter of the late George Smith. She was married at Rouse Hill at the age of 19 years to George Teale, and reared a large family of thirteen children, viz., Harry, George, William, Nina, Jack, Alice, Eileen, Fred., Arthur and Alfred.

Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 28 Jun 1929

108. Ernest Alfred Teale

On Saturday evening when Constable Sharkey was on duty in Court street he saw a man named Emest Alfred Teale behave himself, in an indecent manner with the view of passers-by. He spoke to the man and arrested him, but Teale resisted arrest, striking the constable about the face, and making use of indecent' language. Teale's wife also took a hand both in action and language, and the upshot was that Teale got away from the constable and made off down McGee Lane, with his wife. The aid of Sergeant Mills and Constable Trevillian was obtained, and Teale was eventually arrested by the latter in Johnson street, after a struggle. While her husband was being handcuffed Mrs. Teale again interfered, striking Constable Trevillian on the side of the head with a stone. She made Constable Sharkey the target for a stone also, but her aim was not accurate, and she missed her objective. Both Teale and his wife were taken along to the lock-up, and on Monday they pleaded not guilty, through Mr. Matthews (Messrs. Connellan, Matthews and Pearce) to several charges. The circumstances were detailed by the police witnesses, but no evidence was offered by the defendants, who were convicted and fined as follows:-Ernest Alfred Teale, for indecent behaviour in Court street, 10/- or 48 hours; for indecent language in Court street, 20/- or seven days; and for assaulting Constable Sharkey in the execution of his duty, 20/- or seven days; Margaret Lee Teale for indecent language. in Court street, 40/- or one month; for assaulting Constable Trevillian in the execution of his duty, 40/- or one month. At the Police Court yesterday Margaret Lee Teale was charged with breaking her recognisances to be of good behaviour for 12 months. The P.M. ordered the recognisances to be forfeited, and directed that the defendant be committed to prison to perform the sentence of one month imposed upon her at Windsor on 9th December, 1925.
Source: Western Champion (Parkes) 20 May 1926

Margaret Lee Stonham

Spent time in Long Bay Gaol - see above article.