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Descendants of Philip Strickland

Second Generation

2. Pierce Strickland (Philip Strickland ) was born in 1811 in Hartley. He died in 1883 in Carrawobbity Station Forbes.


Pierce married Letitia O'Hara in 1834 in Hartley. Letitia was born in 1809 in Tyrone Ireland. She died in 1891 in Newington Asylum Auburn. She was buried in Rookwood Anglican Sect MM G1000.


Pierce and Letitia had the following children:

+ 5 F i Lucy Ann Strickland
+ 6 M ii John Strickland
+ 7 F iii Mary Ann Strickland
+ 8 F iv Selina Strickland
  9 M v Pierce Strickland was born in 1842 in Canowindra. He died in 1842.
+ 10 M vi Josiah Strickland
+ 11 M vii James John Strickland
+ 12 F viii Elizabeth Strickland
+ 13 F ix Isabella Strickland

3. Josiah J Strickland (Philip Strickland ) was born in 1813 in South Creek Forbes. He died in 1881 in Bundaburra Forbes.


Josiah married Mary Ann Higgins daughter of Thomas Stephen Higgins (Convict - Surrey) and Sophia Field in 1841 in Hartley. Mary was born in 1825 in Castlereagh. She died in 1918 in Forbes.


Josiah and Mary had the following children:

+ 14 F i Maria Strickland
+ 15 M ii Phillip Francis Strickland
+ 16 M iii Edward Evan Nepean Strickland
  17 M iv Josiah John Strickland was born in 1851 in Forbes. He died in 1922 in Ashfeld. [Notes]
        Josiah married Fanny Lydia Oakes daughter of Rowland Hassall Oakes and Frances Harding Mansfield in 1873 in Bathurst. Fanny was born in 1848 in Parramatta. She died in 1915 in Manly. She was buried in Manly Ang A 67.
+ 18 F v Mary Ann Strickland
  19 M vi Thomas Strickland was born in 1854 in Forbes. He died in 1930 in Coogee. [Notes]
        Thomas married Gertrude Edith Oakes daughter of Rowland Hassall Oakes and Frances Harding Mansfield in 1881 in Forbes. Gertrude was born in 1857 in Bathurst. She died in 1923 in 'Bundaburra" Arcadia St Coogee.
+ 20 F vii Sophia Elizabeth Strickland
+ 21 F viii Virginia Jeanie Strickland
+ 22 M ix Joseph Redway Strickland
  23 F x Eva Strickland was born in 1861 in Forbes. She died in 1905 in Bundaburra Station Forbes.

4. John Strickland (Philip Strickland ) was born in 1815 in Castlereagh. He died in 1849 in Cadow Station.

John married Elizabeth Scott daughter of Michael Scott (Convict - Prince Regent) and Sarah Collits in 1843 in Bathurst. Elizabeth was born in 1824. She died in 1863 in Cadow Station.

They had the following children:

+ 24 F i Mary Ann Strickland
+ 25 M ii Joseph Strickland
+ 26 F iii Sarah Jane Strickland
+ 27 M iv John Cameron Strickland

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