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Descendants of Pierce Collits

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145. Joseph Redway Strickland

STRICKLAND-SHAW.-November 14, at, St. John's Church, Forbes, by the Ven. Archdeacon Dunstan, Joseph Redway, youngest son of the late Josiah Strickland, J.P.,Bundabuna, to Ellen Agnes, only daughter of the late John Shaw and step-daughter of John Bodel, J.P.
Source: The SMH 26 Nov 1883

Ellen Agnes (Nellie) Shaw

STRICKLAND.—November 3, 1894, at her residence, Spring-street, Forbes, Ellen Agnes (Nellie), the wife of J. R. Strickland, aged 29 years.
Source: The SMH 8 Nov 1894

703. Shaw Redway Strickland

Word was received on Saturday last from Private Shaw Strickland that he was leaving England within the next few days, and returning home to Australia. The Forties soldier was early in the firing line, and not long there before he received a bullet through the shoulder. Since then he has been convalescing in Egypt and England, and it would appear that the wound does not heal, and may take some time more to do so. Shaw will receive a royal reception on his return to his native town.
Source: Forbes Advocate 12 oct 1915

151. John T Stanton

John Stanton.
Mr John Stanton, son of the late Mr Joseph Stanton, of Lambridge, died at his residence, The Boulevard, Rookwood, on Sunday last, in his 75th year. Although deceased left the district many years ago, he was well-known to the old hands. There are residing in this district at the present time : Mrs W Lennox (sister), and Messrs William, Joseph, and Josiah (brothers).
Nepean Times 24 Dec 1910

152. Mary Ann Stanton

Another old resident of Orange passed away yesterday, Mrs. Lamrock, widow of the late Mr. McAustland Lamrock who predeceased her some ten years ago. This highly esteemed old lady had been a sufferer for some 18 months, and had been practically bedridden for a considerable portion of that period. She was a native of Penrith, a daughter of the late Joseph Stanton, of that town, and her cousins were the late Mrs. Strickland, of Bundaburra, and the late Mrs. Woolls Rutledge, mother of the Rev. Woolls Rut- ledge, the celebrated Methodist divine. Their mother was a member of the old Field family of Penrith. The family consists of Mrs. Wills, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Drummond, Messrs. Arthur (Tamworth), Walter (Sydney), and Stuart (Orange). Mr. Joseph Lam- rock and Miss Hildred Lamrock predeceaesd their mother. For a number of years Mr. and Mrs. Lamrock lived in Bathurst, but removed to Orange 38 years ago. Until age robbed her of her activity Mrs. Lamrock was a hard church worker. She had a close connection with the colony's earliest history, her grandfather having been a Mr. Collett, Private Secretary to the first Governor, Sir Arthur Phillip, and having decided not to return to England was granted the land on which the Lithgow coalfield is situate, but being unaware of its mineral wealth parted with it for the proverbial song.
Source: Wellington Times 10 Oct 1918

McCausland Lamrock

Arrived as a free settler on the Agincourt

153. William J Stanton

Death of Mr. W. Stanton
Mr William Stanton, a native of Lambridge. died at the residence of his son (Mr Harold Stanton, of Campsie), on Monday last, at the age of 87 years. He was a son of the late Joseph and Elizabeth Stanton, and married a daughter of the late Josiah Strickland, of Bundaburra Station, Forbes. He resided on Marjong Station for some years, and afterwards came back to Lambridge, where his wife died some 45 years ago, Deceased is survived by three sons and one daughter, viz., Messrs Horace Stanton (Queensland), Oswald (Waverley), Harold (Campsie), and Mrs J. Wright (Kogarah), and one brother and one sister—Mr .Josiah Stanton (Lambridge) and Mrs Lennox (Penrith). Two brothers and one sister— John (Auburn), Joseph (Penrith), and Mrs Lamrock (Orange)—predeceased him. The funeral took place on Tuesday, the remains being intered in the Methodist portion of the Emu Plains General Cemetery.
Source: Nepean Times 31 Aug 1929

155. Joseph Stanton

Death of Mr. J. Stanton
By the death of Mr. Joseph Stanton, which took place his residence, High Street, on Tuesday, Penrith loses one of its most estimable citizens. This community has reason to mourn his death, for he belonged to it in a very true sense, inasmuch as he was born at Castlreagh, lived in the Nepean district all his life and gained by his communal activities, his affability, and his blamelesness the valuabe fiendship of many. His mother and his grandmother were both Australian-born, his father being a Cornishman. Deceased was 71 years of age last September. When a young man Mr. Stanton went into business in Penrith, for years conducting a store in High Street. Some twenty years ago he relinquished the business and took up his residence in the commodious house opposite, which continued to be his home up to the time of his death. It was as a member of the Methodist Church that his public labors were chiefly known, and in that way he gave most faithful service. He was one of the very few left who went to the first Methodist denominational day school at Castlereagh, and throughout his life, both as a youth at Castlereagh and later in manhood at Penrith, he was most actively identified with the affairs of the church. Three positions in his stewardship that he held for many years and maintained till his death were those of trustee, local preacher, and a member of the Quartlery Meeting, and for some time he was superintendent of the Sunday School. His father before him was a trustee of the churrch, and one of its devoted members. Deceased training had taught him the luxury of doing good,'and he exercised it in an unostentatious but enthusiastic manner. Mr. Stanton evinced interest in circuit matters right to the last. He usually enjoyed good health, and only became seriously ill within the last few weeks . Deceased was twice married, his first wife pre-deceasing him many years. He is survived by his second wife, and his two sons and six daughters, viz.: Mr. Kendall Stanton (Haberflield) who served with the A.I.F Mr. Geoffery Stanton (in the service of the Bank of N.S.W., Penrith), Mrs. P. Walker (Emu Plains), Mrs. A. Hooney (Ashfleld), and Misses Grace, Hesba Eileen and Enid Stanton. There ae six grandchildren and deceased also leaves two brothers . (Mr. William Stanton, of Kogarah, and Mr. Josiah Stanton, of Castlereagh) and one sister (Mrs. Lennox, of Penrith). Another sister, - Mrs. Lamrock, of Orange, pre-deceased him. The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon. The body was taken to Penrith Methodist Church), where a very impressive service was conducted by Rev. S. 0. Roberts. He was assisted by Revs. J. B. Penman and J. Tarn, formerly of Penrith circuit, both, of whom lmade reference to Mr. Stanton's devout life, ephasising his faithfulness and readiness for service. The hymns "Thy Will Be Done" and Abide With Me were sung; ' Mrs Hand presiding at the organ. The interment took place in the methodist portion of the general cemetery, Kingswood, many relatives and friends attending at the graveside. Prayers were offered by Revs. Penman and Tarn and Rev. Roberts read the
Committal. A large number; of beautiful wreaths gave fragrant testimony to the widespread esteem which Mr. Stanton enjoyed. A memorial service will be conducted by-Rev. S. 0. Roberts in the Methodist Church at 7.15 on Sunday,27th inst. ' .
Source: Nepean Times 19 May 1923

156. Josiah Stanton

Fatal Fall'
Mr Josiah Stanton, of Lambridge, died in Nepean District Hospital this Friday from injuries received In a fall from a horse on Monday morning. Mr Stanton was on his way home, when the horse slipped on the hard roadway, on the Castlereagh Road, below Andrews corner. He fell on his head, and suffered a fractured skull. Assistance was forthcoming, and Nepean-Hawkesbury Ambulance was summoned and was quickly on the scene. Mr Stanton was conveyed to the Hospital. The funeral will take place this Friday afternoon, the interment being In the Methodist Cemetery, Castlereagh.
Source: Nepean Times 18 Apr 1936

Charlotte Nation

There passed away, on Saturday, 29th December, 1928, at her residence. Lambridge, Mrs Charlotte Stanton, wife of Josiah Stanton, after a brief illness. Deceased was a daughter of the late John Nation, of Belford, near Branxton, and was 68 years of age. Besides her husband she leaves two sons and two daughters, viz.: Wilfred (Dubbo), Lindsay (Lambridge), Mrs E. Broadbent, and Miss Jean Stanton (Lambridge). The funeral took place on Sunday, the remains being interred in the Methodist Conietcry, Caslereagh, Rev. D. C. Hughes conducted services at the house and graveside.
Source: Nepean Times 5 Jan 1929

Alice Gertrude Heilbronn

The death has occurred of Mrs Alice Ger- trude Jones one of the oldest pioneers in this district, who had been in indifferent health for some time. Born in London 79 years ago Mrs Jones came to Australia and to this district when very young. She married and with her husband took up farming at Tonaribin, Nyrang Creek. Mrs Jones was an untiring worker for the Methodist Church. She leaves six daughters, and three sons-Mrs J. Elbourne (Capertee) Mr. C. J. Jones Mr. N. Jones, Mrs. W. G. McCarron (Canowindra), Mr. F. Jones (Mendooran), Mrs F. Burge (Grenfell), Mrs W. Fleming (Coonabarabran) Mrs E Elbourne (Eugowra), and Mrs W. Sanderson (Sydney), There are 55 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.
Source: The SMH 26 Jly 1929

788. John Marsh Jones

Death Mr John Marsh Jones
News of the untimely death of John Marsh Jones, which sad event took place last Sunday afternoon, cast quite a gloom over the whole community. About a fortnight previous the deceased contracted measles, and subsequently other complications set in, the cause of death being menin- gitis, with which he suffered far a few days previous. The deceased gentleman, who was the eldest son of Mr John Jones, senr., of Belmore, was only 31 years of age. Perhaps no person in the district had less enemies or more friends ; his generous and kind disposition combined with an honest, upright nature, endearing him to all with whom he came in contact. We join in the widespread sympathy extended to the relatives in their sad hour of affliction. The funeral, whichtook place on Monday afternoon last, was one of the largest seen in the dis- strict. The burial took place in the Methodist portion of the local cemetery, the prayers at the grave being read by the Rev. D D Hunter, of Cowra. Mr R Ayrton carried out the funeral arrangements.
Source: Canowindra Star and Eugowra News 9 Dec 1910