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Descendants of Rebecca Golsby


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8. William Jenkins Golsby

BATHURST, Thursday.
Bathurst's oldest native, Mr. William John Golsby, has died, aged 94. Mr. Golsby, who lived in the Bathurst district all his life, acquired a grazing property near Rockley as a young man, and lived there for 65 years. Mr. Golsby remembered the raid of Ben Hall's bushranging gang on the Keightley residence at Dunn's Plains, Rockley, and also their raid on Bathurst.

Source: The SMH 27 Mar 1936

45. Frank Edward Golsby

Lived at Faulconbridge

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Golsby. Narandera friends of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Golsby will regret to learn of their deaths within three days of each other. Mr. Golsby died on Thursday and Mrs. Golsby passed away on Sunday. They conducted the Hotel Narandera for about two years, and left here three years ago. They were a likeable couple, and had many friends. Before entering the hotel business, Mr. Golsby was well known as a traveller for a wine firm.

Source: Narandera Argus and Riverina Advertiser 23 Sep 1947

46. Edward Bertie C Golsby

Mr. Bert Golsby, a well known Bathurst business man, was found dead in the room occupied by him in the hotel where he was staying. Portion of the contents of the stomach have been sent to Sydney for analysis and report.

Source: The Canberra Times 7 Aug 1928

9. Sarah Golsby

On Monday last Mrs. Costello, of Cowra, died at the age of 71 years. Mrs. Costello was the second daughter of the late Mr. William Golsby, and was a native of Bathurst. Many years ago she married Mr. William Mackie, and after his death she married a second time— Mr. Costello. Until within the past few weeks she has enjoyed fairly good health, but lately has had three apopletic seizures. The last was on Sunday, and from this she never recovered, but passed silently away on Monday. On the following day she was buried, her funeral being largely attended. Alderman Edward Golsby, of Bathurst, was among the chief mourners.

Source: Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal 17 Sep 1903

10. Joseph Golsby

In Memoriam.
A tender husband, a kind father dear, A sincere friend, has departed from here ; Free from malice, free from pride, As he lived so he died. His life was marked by many years, many talents, many virtues, few failings, and no crime. Inserted by his early schoolmate, DAN O'CONNELL, Lachlan River.

Source: Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal 25 Jan 1892

12. Edward Golsby

We take from the "Bathurst Times'' the following account of the death of an old identity, Mr. Edward Golsby, brother of Mrs. A. Matheson, Richmond: — One of Bathurst's oldest and most highly esteemed citizens, Mr. Edward Golsby, died at about noon to-day at his residence, 'Brockley,' Hope-street, at the age of 85 years, after a short illness. Up to a few weeks ago, Mr. Golsby apparently enjoyed the best of health, and carried his years with a vigor and buoyancy that surprised his friends. A severe attack of bronchitis however, proved too much for even his fine constitution, and he failed to rally. By the death of Mr. Golsby, a link with the pioneer days is broken. He was a native of Bathurst, and had lived in the district all his life. For many years he was engaged in pastoral pursuits in the Rockley district, and took a prominent part in all public movements for the welfare of that centre. Later he set up a business in Bathurst, and for some years was an alderman of the local council, where his sound common sense and practical outlook made him a valued adviser in all civic affairs. He was one of the oldest members of the Bathurst Bowling Club; and indulged in the game until lately. The deceased gentleman leaves three daughters— Mrs. H. Barnes (Orange), Mrs. J E. Larnach (Forbes), and Miss Golsby (Bathurst)— and one son, Mr. Charles Golsby of Caloola. Mr. William Golsby, of 'Rockburn,'' is a brother and Mrs. Matheson, of Richmond, a sister. Messrs Roy and Bert Golsby are nephews. The deceased's wife died about 14 years ago.

Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 29 May 1925

Mary Elizabeth Corry

The news of the death of Mrs. Golsby, wife of- Mr. Edward Golsby, of Hope street, will be received throughout the district with profound regret. The deceased lady was a native of the Bathurst 'district.' and was particularly beloved by all who knew her. During her life she displayed that best attribute of the true Christian— the relieving of those in sickness and distress. Her name was deeply revered in the Rockly district, where she and her family resided for many years. The late Mrs. Golsby is survived by her husband and a family, who are as follows: — Mrs. James' Larnach (Dunn's Plains), Mrs. M.  Crowhurst (Gosford), Mrs. 11. Barnes (Orange), Miss Ethel Golsby (Bathurst), and Mr. Charles . Golsby (Three Brothers, Caloola). Mr. Bert Golsby and Mr. Roy Golsby arc nephews, and Mr. Charles Cony, of Blury Hill, near Caloola, is a brother. Mrs. Golsby's age was 72, and she had been married for upwards of half a century. Much sympathy is expressed for Mr. Edward Golsby and the family in their irreparable loss. The funeral is announced to take place this afternoon.

Source: Bathurst Times 7 Sep 1911

77. Catherine Emily Golsby

Died from typhoid

78. Alexander Claud McLean

This case was before the Court on Thursday last, when Mr. Boyce, instructed by Messrs. Lane and Roberts, appeared for the petitioner, Alberta Lucy McLean, formerly Hoowarth, who sought a divorce from her husband, Alexander Claude McLean, a farmer, on the ground of constructive desertion. The respondent did not appear. The parties to the suit were married by the Rev. John Ferguson at Sydney according to the rites of the Presbyterian Church on January 16, 1895. The evidence of the petitioner went to show that she and her husband had only lived together 11 weeks, and that their married life had not been happy. His Honor having heard the evidence of petitioner held that it was not sufficiently strong to justify the Court in ordering the dissolution of the marriage. To-day his Honor again mentioned this case, and stated that after further careful consideration of the evidence, and also of the case of Giblett v. Giblett, which Mr. Boyce had cited in support of his client's petition, he had come to the conclusion that the petitioner was entitled to the relief she prayed. He, therefore, rescinded his farmer order and granted the decree nisi, directing that it should be moved absolute in two months.

Source: The SMH 12 Sep 1899