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Descendants of Richard Alcorn

Third Generation

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29. Ellen Sarah Browne (Elizabeth Mary Alcorn , Richard Alcorn ) was born in 1839 in Singleton. She died in 1904 in Sydney.

Ellen married Edward Usherwood Horne son of Samuel H Horne and Ellen in 1865 in Patricks Plains. Edward was born in 1846. He died in 1890 in Singleton.

They had the following children:

  100 M i Edward John Browne Horne was born in 1873 in Singleton. He died in 1942 in Kingsford.
  101 F ii Isabella Rosalie Horne was born in 1868 in Patricks Plains. She died in 1888 in Singleton.
+ 102 F iii Ellen Sarah Horne
  103 F iv Emily Frances (Emma) Horne was born in 1866 in Patricks Plains. She died in 1943 in Auburn.
        Emily married William T L Lisson son of William Louis Lisson and Julia Marguerita in 1902 in Sydney. William died in 1947 in Rockdale.
+ 104 F v Ada C Horne

34. John Frederick Alcorn (John Alcorn , Richard Alcorn ) was born in 1836 in South Creek. He died in 1902 in Riverstone NSW.

John married Isabella Rutherford Strachan in 1857 in Windsor. Isabella was born in 1839 in Sulawesi Tengah Indonesia. She died in 1916 in Riverstone NSW.


John and Isabella had the following children:

  105 M i William Richard Alcorn was born in 1857 in McGraths Hill NSW. He died in 1932 in Riverstone NSW.
  106 F ii Elizabeth Sarah Isabella Alcorn was born in 1859 in McGraths Hill . She died in 1955 in Windsor.
+ 107 M iii John Robert Alcorn
+ 108 M iv Edward Steadman Alcorn
+ 109 M v Albert Alcorn
  110 F vi Isabella Jane Alcorn was born in 1870 in McGraths Hill . She died in 1959 in Windsor.
        Isabella married Arthur Arnold Martin son of William J Martin and Mary, in 1896.
+ 111 F vii Mary Ann Alcorn
  112 F viii Mary Leticia Alcorn was born in 1880.
+ 113 F ix Agnes Matilda Alcorn
  114 F x Annie Florence Alcorn was born in 1876 in Eastern Creek.
  115 M xi Frederick James Alcorn was born in 1878 in Eastern Creek. He died in 1952 in Burwood.

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