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Descendants of Richard Ridge


1. Richard Ridge

The Old Bailey Court Transcript

583. RICHARD RIDGE , GILBERT BAKER , WILLIAM LLOYD , WILLIAM SHAW , and JAMES M'CAULEY , were indicted, for feloniously and burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling house of Susannah Dewell , on the 21st of August last, about nine in the night, and burglariously stealing therein, a stuff coat, value 1 s. two cloth waistcoats, value 4 s. a child's cotton ditto, value 2 s. a cotton bedgown, value 2 s. a flannel waistcoat, value 3 s. a shalloon ditto, value 3 s. and one cloth coat, value 2 s. her property .
I am a sales-woman at Brentford , a widow ; on the 21st of August I was at work in the evening between eight and nine; it was quite dark without candles; I am sure I could not have seen anybody's face, without a candle; I am very sure the door was shut, I heard the latch lift up; I asked who was there; there being no answer made, I got up; the shop was in the front towards the street, and the kitchen behind it; I missed from the shop the several articles in the indictment; some had been hanging without and some within, but they had been all taken down, and laid on the counter; I saw them afterwards on the Wednesday, at Bow-street.
Prisoner. She said at the justice's, that her child might touch the latch? - I thought it might have been one of my children, but asking who was there, and they not answering, I got up immediately.
I lost nine geese, and I went in pursuit of some persons on the road; I took in my company, a man of the name of John Street; overtook the prisoners at Acton, at nine in the morning, they had two asses, loaden with hampers, there were many articles of wearing apparel in the hampers, and a crow.
I live three miles the other side of Brentford; on Saturday, the 27th of August, about five in the morning, I observed the prisoners, they are the men to the best of my knowledge; I saw four men and a boy, and I told Mr. Cole which way they went, towards Hessham.
I was at Bow-street when these men were brought in; a person came to me, and gave me information, and I took this waistcoat off M'Cauley, at Bow-street, and this coat I took off Ridge; I never saw Shaw or M'Cauley in my life, I am not the apprehender of any one of them.
Prosecutrix. This is my coat and waistcoat, and all these things; they were on the counter a few minutes before I got up, I am sure they are my property.
I had been seeking for work, and could not get any, I saw some men coming over Hounslow Heath, and they asked me if I had lost a jack-ass; they gave me a jack-ass, loaded with hampers, and they desired me to take and find an owner for it, so I drove it along, and I overtook this lad; the waistcoat and coat were at top; it rained, and I took the coat and put it on to keep off the rain; before I came to Acton, I overtook the other prisoners, and when we came to Acton, we were stopped, the man came to the jack-ass, and owned it at the justice's.
I went to Brentford, my father was extremely ill; I went with two of the other prisoners, I arrived there the Friday afternoon, I slept at the Bull, and got up about four in the morning, I was very ill, and came to Town, and I met these men, and this boy, driving a jack-ass and hampers; he asked what it was o'clock, it was past five; he said, which road are you going? I said, towards Acton to go home; then I went into the Red Lion, to get a pot of beer, and some bread and cheese, we came out, and Mr. Cole stopped us.
I got up to go to work about three in the morning; I went to the Bull, at Hounslow; I could not find my aunt's, and the man overtook me; says he, here is a jackass strolling along, it was the gentleman in blue, that overtook me; but it rained, and he said, as it rains, we may as well put on these things; so I put on the waistcoat.
Court. How far is Acton from Brentford? - Rather better than three miles.
Court to Cole. Did any conversation pass about this business? - They owned one ass; Ridge owned that which was loaded, but not the others.
Did the others take any part? - Two of them tried to make their escape; that was Shaw, and Baker (the boy), they were all together, before I overtook them.
The prisoner Lloyd called two witnesses to his character.
The prisoner M'Cauley called four witnesses to his character.
ALL FIVE, GUILTY of stealing .
Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.
[Transportation. See summary.


Sydney, June 15, 1816.

THE Public are hereby informed, that I have appointed Mr Richard Ridge to act as my Bailiff throughout the Colony.

WM. GORE, Provost Marshal.

Source: The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 15 Jun 1816


7. Elizabeth Lucy Ridge

Headstone: This fair flower scarse blossomed for day, Short was the bloom and speedy the decay.

Jane Poole

In November 1789, Jane was transferred to Norfolk Island. Whilst on Norfolk Island, Jane gave birth to her daughter, Margaret Poole.  On Norfolk Island she met James McManus, a marine who had also arrived on the Charlotte and transferred to Norfolk Island.  James and Jane lived as a married couple on Norfolk Island.  Jane, Margaret and James McManus returned to Sydney in 1792. They settled at Hawkesbury, where Jane gave birth to three children. James died in 1798.

Jane cohabited with Richard Richard and gave birth to their daughter, Martha Poole in 1803. Jane and Richard parted company after 1806, when Jane moved to Parramatta.