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Descendants of Richard Ellem

First Generation

1. Richard Ellem was born in 1800 in Warrington Lanc England. He died in 1857 in Mangrove Creek . He was buried in St Thomas Cem Upper Mangrove Creek.

Richard was convicted of larceny at Cheshire. He arrived on Isabella.

Richard married Charlotte Huxley daughter of Thomas Huxley (Convict - Salamander) and Ann Forbes (Convict - Prince of Wales) in 1842. Charlotte was born in 1801 in Windsor . She died in 1885 in Grafton . She was buried in Grafton.

A Mother of the People.

Mrs. Charlotte Ellem, who recently died at Alumney Creek, may truly be said to have been a remarkable woman. A native of the Hawkesbury, she was born as far back as 1802, and was, therefore, in her 84th year; and two brothers are still living there. She had a family of nine sons and two daughters, and at the time of her death had eighty-eight grandchildren, and sixty-five great grandchildren and the large number of forty-six relatives were present at her funeral.
Source: Evening News 12 Dec 1885

Richard and Charlotte had the following children:

+ 2 M i George Ellem
+ 3 F ii Mary Anne Ellem
+ 4 M iii Richard Ellem
+ 5 M iv John Ellem
+ 6 M v James Ellem
+ 7 M vi Frederick William Ellem
+ 8 M vii Thomas Ellem
+ 9 M viii Samuel Henry Ellem
+ 10 F ix Eliza Ellem

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