Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Robert Foulcher

Notes - Page 4

33. Innes Edith Foulcher

Missionary Sister

38. Harvey J Foulcher

SYDNEY, December l.-A boy named Harvey Foulcher was killed, and his father, William Foulcher, was injured by the collapse of portion of a building in coarse of erection during a thunderstorm at Ryde this afternoon. They took shelter in the building, and as the wind was blowing strongly the boy became frightened and ran out. As he did so a gust of wind carried away portion of the roof, and it fell on him. Young Foulcher was buried underneath a heap of iron and timber. His father thereupon rushed out af the building, and was struck on the head by a piece of iron. When the boy was extricated he was dead. His father was taken to the Parramatta Hospital.
Source: The Register (SA) 2 Dec 1910

15. Arthur John Foulcher


45. Bertie Charles Foulcher

Teller with Commercial Bank