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Descendants of Thomas Akers

Second Generation

2. Mary Akers (Thomas ) was born in 1792 in Sydney Cove. She died in 1826 in Campbelltown. She was buried in St Peters C of E, Campbelltown .

Mary married Dudley Hartigan in 1806 in St John's Parramatta. Dudley was born in 1773 in Tipperary Ireland. He died in 1829 in NSW.


Dudley and Mary had the following children:

+ 7 F i Margaret Hartigan
  8 F ii Eliza Hartigan was born in 1810. She died in 1873 in Cooma. She was buried in Mittagong.
  9 M iii Mary Ann Hartigan was born in 1812 in Parramatta. He died in 1833 in Kissing Point.
  10 F iv Catherine Hartigan was born in 1817 in Airds. She died in 1891 in Cooma.
  11 F v Bridget Hartigan was born in 1820.

3. Sophia Akers (Thomas ) was born in 1795 in Mulgrave Place. She died in 1874 in Campbelltown. She was buried in St Peters Anglican, Campbelltown.


She had the following children:

  12 M i Thomas Smith was born in 1814.
  13 F ii Sophia Smith was born in 1812.
  14 F iii Ann Smith was born in 1815.
  15 M iv John Smith was born in 1817.
  16 F v Mary A Smith was born in 1824.
  17 M vi Joseph Smith was born in 1827.
+ 18 F vii Margaret Smith
  19 M viii William Smith was born in 1832.
  20 M ix Henry Smith was born in 1835.
+ 21 F x Eliza Jane Smith

Sophia married (2) Jeremiah Smith in 1811 in Parramatta. Jeremiah was born in 1775 in Higher Easter, Chelmsford, Essex, England. He died in 1848 in Camden.


Jeremiah and Sophia had the following children:

+ 22 M xi Jeremiah Smith

4. Thomas Akers (Thomas ) was born in 1797 in Parramatta. He died in 1881.

Thomas married  Lucia Day(Blackmore) daughter of William Day(Blackmore) and Martha Kennedy(C) in 1819 in Sydney. Lucia was born in 1802 in Sydney. She died in 1852 in Gundagi.

They had the following children:

+ 23 M i Thomas Akers
+ 24 F ii Mary Ann Akers
+ 25 M iii Henry Akers
+ 26 F iv Catherine Akers
+ 27 F v Charlotte Akers
  28 F vi Sophia Mary Akers was born in 1834 in NSW. She died in 1909. 
        Sophia married William Ryan in 1856 in Shellharbour. William was born in 1840.
+ 29 F vii Lucy Akers
+ 30 M viii William Akers

5. Henry Akers (Thomas ) was born in 1799 in Wilberforce. He died in 1848 in Parramatta.

Henry married Mary Smith.

They had the following children:

  33 M i Thomas Akers.
  34 M ii John Akers.
  35 M iii William Akers.

6. Catherine Akers (Thomas ) was born in 1801 in Mulgrave Place. She died in 1883 in Campbelltown.

Catherine married (1) John Richard Patrick son of John Patrick and Elizabeth on 26 Jan 1818 in Sydney. John was born in 1772 in Monken Hadley, London, England. He died in 1835


Catherine married (2) William Bradbury on 9 Apr 1836 in Campbelltown. William was born in 1774 in Birmingham, Warwick, England. He died on 10 Jun 1836 in Campbelltown.


Catherine married (3) George Greenhill on 29 Jun 1846 in Campbelltown. George was born in 1799 in Lapworth, Warwick, England. He died in 1865 in Campbelltown.


John and Catherine had the following children:

  36 F i Elizabeth Patrick was born in 1818 in Burnt Forest. She died in 1820 in Burnt Forest.
  37 F ii Charlotte Patrick was born in 1820 in Burnt Forest. She died in 1855.
        Charlotte married (1) Hugh Watt in 1836.
        Charlotte married (2) Hyam Phillips in 1850.
  38 M iii John Richard Patrick was born in 1823 in Burnt Forest. He died in 1897 in East Maitland.
        John married Mary Ann Murphy in 1845 in Maitland.
  39 F iv Mary A Patrick was born in 1825 in Burnt Forest. She died in 1871 in Cooma.
        Mary married Charles Wright in 1844 in Monaro.
  40 F v Emma Patrick was born in 1827 in Burnt Forest. She died in 1915 in Wahroonga.
        Emma married Hyam James Phillips in 1848. Hyam was born in 1831. He died in 1891.

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