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Descendants of Thomas Arndell



1. Thomas Arndell

Came free on the Friendship

Thomas was a qualified surgeon and applied for the position of assistant surgeon to NSW. He left both Susannah (wife) and Delphine and daughter Esther in England.

Dr John Macpherson read a paper before the Section of Medical Literature and History yesterday on "Thomas Arndell, Surgeon of the First Fleet." He gave an account of Dr Arndell's medical work, exploration, and farming, until he settled on land at Cattai Creek which is still hold by his descendant, Mr. A. A. Arndell, of the Bank of New South Wales -the only case, he said, of land being held by the descendant of a settler to whom the land was originally granted. Dr. J S Purdy, in the discussion which followed, remarked on Dr. MacPherson's statement that there was no place In New South Wales named after Dr Arndell, and suggested that the Coast Hospital and wards in hospitals should be named after some of the Australian pioneer doctors.
Source: SMH 7 Sep 1929

The very interesting biography of (Dr.) Thomas Arndell (evidently written .by one of the .family), .which appeared in a late issue of the 'Gazette' is very incomplete in many respects. A very essential fact, which should have been stated, was  that Dr. Arndell, although belonging to the Church of England persuasion, took a very prominent and earnest part in the promotion and establishment of Ebenezer Church, Portland Head. The written records in the trustees' minute book prove that (of which I have many extracts). Dr. Arndell was one of the free settlers who agreed to give £5 per year towards the support of a minister for the Church,, previous to its election in the year 1809.' All the preliminary meetings were held over the river from where the church stands, at Dr. Thomas Arndell's residence. Many of the services were conducted there by Mr. James Mein, who acted as leader, and always opened the meetings with prayer. On the grant of Dr. Arndell, overlooking the Hawkesbury River, is a very notable landmark for miles around— the old grist windmill and barn attached. Such an.historic place should be painted by an Australian artist before it goes utterly to ruins. Further, it should be mentioned that the second generation of Arndells, those of Mr.Thomas Arndell (II.), descendants, as also himself, worshipped at Ebenezer, since the occasion of the ceremony of marriage, which took place at St. Matthew's Church, Windsor, by the Rev. John Cross, of Mr. Thomas Arndell (II.) to Miss Sophia Loder, of Windsor. That was On the 6th January, 1824 (nigh one hundred years ago).  The writer of the note on the Arndell's of the Hawkesbury days, referring to land grants given to First Fleeters, says he believes that Arndell's is the only case where the family still retains land granted to the original settler of the name. That may be so, but I am doubtful. there is a very old building in off the road going to Richmond where the flood  waters (reached the upper windows during the 1867 flood. That is situated, on land granted to a 'First Fleeter,' a free woman, Mrs. Jane Ezzy, who married an emancipist.  Many years ago that place -was occupied by Mr. John Barker, who married Miss Eliza Dargin, on 4th September, 1833. It was then known as 'Sufton.' I understand that a Miss Barker still lives there. The Bowmans live at 'Freemanville, nearby. That family is descended from ' Miss Mary Barker, who married Mr. Leslies E. Bowman (1881). The Ezzy family are among the very, very oldest at Windsor and are very largely intermarried with the Dargins, of whom a lot could be written as very enterprising people from 1794 upwards, when the pioneer Thomas Dargin (I.) came to Windsor. The large Georgian building (the old hotel) at what is now known as Clarendon — and which was formerly known as Richmond Road — all those places were built by Mrs. Jane Ezzy, and were situated on her grant of land which the. road to Richmond on being madecut through. . The grant made to First Fleeter, a free woman, Mrs. Jane Ezzy, is still held by the descendants, the Ezzy family. If there are others I would like to have correspondence published.

Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 14 Dec 1923

Elizabeth Burley(Burleigh Dalton)

Convict - arrived on the Lady Penrhyn


On Monday, the 30th ultimo, at Caddie, near Windsor, Elizabeth Arndell, relict of the late Dr. Arndell, aged seventy-five.
Source: SMH 3 Feb 1843

James Gordon Lakeland

Elizabeth's sister Mary was married to James' nephew, John Lakeland