Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Thomas Arndell

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Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth, aged 25, arrived in the colony aboard the ship 'Marquis Cornwallis'. She was tried in 1794 in Dublin City and sentenced to 7 years transportation for a goods felony. She died in 1837 at Windsor.

John Lakeland

From 1818 to 1828 John was Officer in Charge of Convict Administration. He was granted 300 acres in Sussex, Tasmania.

Thomas Hestie White

Thomas was John and Mary's  farm manager. After John's death Mary married Thomas. The trustees of her husband's estate were against this marriage because of scandalous rumours about White's moral character and intentions.

Rev Launcelot Edward Threlkeld

Missionary on the 'Harriett'

32. Sophia Arndell

There passed away last week Miss Sophie Arndell, one of the third generation from Dr. Thomas Arndell, who came out as surgeon with Governor Phillip in the First Fleet. She was the second of three unmarried Misses Arndell, daughters of Thomas Arndell the Second, who have for some years lived in Lewisham, but who were born at the original family estate of Cattai, Hawkesbury River, where her grandfather retired and farmed in the disturbed times of the Bligh rebellion. Like many others of the original Hawkesbury settlers, the Arndell's have spread far and wide over the continent of Australia, and two of the brothers of the deceased lady were among the pioneer squatters of the Upper Hunter River district, owning the large estate of Glendhu station, whilst the eldest brother, Thomas, remained in the old homestead at Cattai Creek. Miss Arndell's sisters were, besides two un married, Mrs. George Loder (who died many years ago), of Abbey Green, Singleton, and Mrs. F. R. White, of Harben Vale, Blandford. Whilst the deceased lady has for many years lived a very retired life, she and her sisters were among the cultured women of early times on the Hawkesbury, and in a quiet way did much good in the district. When her brother married Miss Mary Hall, of Macquarie, the next large estate, the family separated, and soon Mr. Arndell's large family filled the old home. Miss Sophie Arndell reached the venerable ago of 80 years, her home at Petersham being the central meeting for members of the large clan that has sprung from the original pioneer settler and first medical doctor on the Hawkesbury. "No family," says a writer on the old times,, "has so closely preserved the traditions of the old timers as have the Arn dells." Of the brother, Thomas, of the late Miss Arndell, when he died, on October 30, 1907, it was said "no name is more honoured, not only in the Hawkesbury, but in the whole State, than Arndell. A man with very large sympathies for his fellow-men, springing from a family strong in their faith as uncompromising Presbyterians, a man who lived a moral life and was upright in all his doings. What a wonder that such a man was beloved and honoured and venerated!" What was said of her brother, Thomas was also applicable to Miss Sophie. "Her life was gentle and simple, with kindliness and courtesy to all," said one who know her. We are fast losing the men and women who knew the land in its primitive pioneer days, and there is a little pull at our heart strings every time one passes away. Intimately associated with this family were the Threlkeld's, a daughter of the original Thomas Arndell, physician, magistrate, wool and wheat grower, and Imperial Government official, being married to the Rev. Mr. Threlkeld, the missionary, in the Port Macquarie district, also the pioneer preacher for the Sailors' Home, and the first resident teacher and clergyman in the old South Head church, now pulled down. Mrs. Threlkeld was a splendid helpmate to her husband, both in family and public life; and the descendants of these two fine old families are many, still keeping in close touch with each other.
Source: The SMH 29 April 1914

Mary Elizabeth Pike

On the 2nd April, at Dunmore, near Maitland, Mary Elizabeth widow of the late James Arndell, Esq., of Woodlands, Hunter River, aged 53 years.
Source: Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser 8 Apr 1873