Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Thomas Dunn

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2. Elizabeth Rose Dunn

In 1803, fifteen Irish convicts escaped from Castle Hill Government farm.  Two of these escapees, Patrick Gannon and Francis Simpson, broke into the Bean house and raped Rose, in front of her mother.  They were both hanged from a tree outside the Bean property.  Rose had a daughter, Elizabeth,  in 1804, before her marriage to Thomas Dunn.

William Pawley

Birth registered as Pauley

16. Alfred Edward Pawley

Died of Scarlet fever

19. Louisa Elizabeth Pawley

Lived at 348 Upper Brougham Street, Darlinghurst, before her death.

Samuel Butler

English missionary

Samuel Butler, the son of John Gare Butler, was a missionary, at the Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1819- at Kerikeri.

1823 - Arrived in Sydney where Samuel Marsden charged Samuel Butler with drunkeness.  Samuel had no defence against the charges as his position as clergyman was terminated.   He returned to England, with his family and retired from the Church Missionary Society. He returned to New Zealand in 1839, along with his wife and daughter Hannah. 

John Alexander

Convict who arrived on the Speke II in 1827.

4. Margaret Dunn

Margaret's husband, Laurence, ran off to Tasmania with a married woman, Eliza Bodecin, the daughter of Irish rebel leader, Michael Dwyer.

Walter Butler

Currency lad