Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Thomas Dunn

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80. George Pawley

(Before Mr. Justice Stephen and juries of four.)
ALLEGED LIBEL. Fraser v. Pawley
Mr. Mack and Mr. Cline, instructed by Mr. R. Colonna Close, appeared for the plaintiff, William James Fraser; Mr. Walker and Mr. Boyce, instructed by Mr. Charles R. A. Smith, for the defendant, George Pawley. The case for the plaintiff was that at the time of the cause of action arising he was a fruiterer at Norton-street, Leichhardt, and defendant, who was a hairdresser in an adjoining building, falsely and maliciously wrote and published of him certain words affecting him in the conduct of the business. The words were contained in a letter addressed to the President of the Board of Health, and were inter alia that plaintiff's premises were in a filthy condition, and that boxes of decaying and stinking vegetables were there; that the place was otherwise dirty; that his (defendant's) children had been affected with typhoid fever, and he wished to prevent a recurrence of sickness. He asked the Board of Health to interfere. Plaintiff set out that in consequence of this letter he was injured in his credit and reputation as a fruiterer, and that many of his customers had ceased to deal with him. Plaintiff claimed £300. Defendant pleaded not guilty. The jury having deliberated for 40 minutes, it was announced that a majority had come to a decision. The parties agreed to accept the verdict of a majority ant it was then announced that the jury by a majority found for the defendant.
Source: The SMH 30 Nov 1899

83. Harold Frederick Horace Pawley

Sarah Pawley v. Harold Frederick Horace Pawley (with custody of child).
Source: Evening News (Sydney) 6 Nov 1894

86. William Henry Pawley

Tram conductor