Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Thomas Dunn

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Emily Smails

Emily Grimley, formerly Pawley, sued for a divorce from Joseph Grimley, a labourer, on the ground of constructive desertion. The marriage was celebrated in April, 1900, at Stanmore, according to the rites of the Church of the Disciples of Christ. The petitioner, who was represented by Mr. Boyce, said that she and her husband lived together till June 16, 1901. They had a difference over a quilt she had purchased from her sister. He falsely accused her of being drunk. It -was in that condition that he himself was. He called her offensive names. He was a violent when drunk, but she could not say what he was like when sober, as she had very little experience of him under those conditions. Once he tried, to throw her on the kitchen stove, in which there was a fire. She, however, succeeded in getting away from him and went into the yard. She left him in consequence of his ill-treatment of her, and subsequently she received a letter from him asking her to meet him. She did not reply to it because she was in the Lewisham Hospital. Later upon his promising to reform she returned to him. Just before she finally left him he told her to go, saying that if she did not he would break her neck. He had frequently kicked her out of bed, and on these occasions she would sleep on the floor without bedclothes. On another occasion he said he would shoot her. Six weeks before she went away she asked him to support her, and he replied that he would do seven years before he gave her a copper. She was a widow when she became his wife, and earned her living as a laundress. A decree nisi was granted, to be moved absolute in three months.
Source: Evening News (Sydney) 9 Mar 1905

98. Medway Thomas Barnabus R Pawley

Council Alderman

107. Benjamin James Chin

Benjamin divorced Annie in 1895 on the grounds of desertion.

Benjamin was accidently killed at Tamworth

109. Josephine Mary Chin

Divorced from Emil Graser in 1906

This was a suit for restitution of conjugal rights instituted by Josephine Mary Martin (formerly Graser) against William Martin. The petitioner and respondent were married
at Glebe in 1919, according to the rites of the Congregational Church.  Mr. Tooso (instructed by Messrs. R. D. Meagher, Hogarth, and Co.) appeared for the petitioner.
His Honor directed the respondent to return to the petitioner within 21 days.
Source: The SMH 9 Aug 1924

In this suit Josephine Mary Martin (formerly Graser) petitioned for a divorce from William Martin, on the ground of desertion by reason of non-compliance with a decree for the restitution of conjugal rights. Mr. Toose (instructed by Messrs. R. D. Meagher, Hogarth, and Co.) appeared for the petitioner. A decree nisi was pronounced, returnable in six months.
Source: The SMH 16 Oct 1924

110. Lydia Emma Chin

Divorced Reginald in 1887 on grounds of adultery

Lydia Bryant, 67, was found dead yesterday with her head in a gas stove, at her home in Elswick-street, Leichhardt. Her husband informed members of the Central District Ambulance, who made unsuccessful attempts to restore animation.
Source: The SMH 22 August 1931