Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Thomas Eather

Notes (Page 20)

455. Robert Colbran

Robert Colbran appeared on committal from Augathella on a charge of attempted suicide. The prisoner pleaded guilty. The Crown Prosecutor briefly related the facts of the case to his Honor, and added that medical certificates had been produced certifying to the present sanity of the prisoner. His Honor sentenced the defendant to imprisonment until the rising of the court.

Source: Western Star and Roma Advertiser 29 Jul 1903


Suicide - On September 18 Bob Colbran, who was known as Bob Coleman, shot himself. Colbran who was over 70 years of age, had been in the district for many years and was a well-known identity. It appears he tied a double barrelled shotgun to the wall, affixed a rope to the trigger, and stood in front of it. The shot entered his body over the heart.

Source: The Brisbane Courier 8 Oct 1929