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Descendants of Thomas Lisson

Third Generation

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49. Margaret Amelia Bradley (Hannah Leeson , Thomas Lisson ) was born in 1851 in Hawkesbury. She died in 1919 in Windsor.

Margaret married Charles Joseph Brown son of John Brown and Sarah Kesia Winton in 1880 in Windsor. Charles was born in 1854. He died in 1927 in Richmond .

They had the following children:

  257 M i Gabriel Bradley Brown was born in 1882 in Windsor. He died in 1954 in Windsor. [Notes]
        Gabriel married Hannah B Tuckerman daughter of Stephen Adolphus Tuckerman and Mary in 1931 in Windsor. Hannah was born in 1895 in Windsor. She died in 1987. [Notes]

50. Hannah May Bradley (Hannah Leeson , Thomas Lisson )

Hannah married Archibald George Gosper son of John Thomas Gosper and Hannah Beale Reynolds in 1869 in Parkes. Archibald was born in 1842. 

They had the following children:

  258 F i Ada Gosper was born in 1870 in Orange.
+ 259 F ii Amy Gosper
  260 M iii Archibald George Gosper was born in 1874 in Orange. He died in 1944 in Forbes.
        Archibald married Martha Emma Kinchela daughter of George Kinchela and Emma Petrie* in 1920 in Orange. Martha died in 1969 in Forbes.
+ 261 M iv Roland Ivory Gosper
  262 F v Joanna Beale Gosper was born in 1881 in Molong.
+ 263 M vi Frederick Ivory Gosper
+ 264 M vii Robert Leslie Gosper
  265 F viii Myrtle Gosper was born in 1888 in Molong.
  266 F ix Mabel Gosper was born in 1890 in Molong. She died in 1954 in Maitland.
        Mabel married Unknown Osborne.
  267 M x Vincent James Gosper was born in 1893 in Molong. He died in 1948 in Molong. He is buried in Molong Gen Ang Cem
        Vincent married Kathleen S Kinsela daughter of George Kinchela and Emma Petrie* in 1921 in Cargo. Kathleen was born in 1897 and died in 1965. She is buried with Vincent.
  268 F xi Delmyr G Gosper was born in 1895 in Molong.
+ 269 M xii Gabriel Bradley Gosper

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