Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Thomas Lisson


1. Thomas Lisson

Convicted at London in 1817 of stealing forty eight glass bottles, along with Anthony Biggs. Thomas arrived on Royal Admiral in 1793

Lisson, Esq. of Wilberforce, a very old inhabitant of the Colony, and among his intimate friends, and the "old hands," known by the name of "old Tommy Lisson" Lisson lingered about two months in a very helpless state; he was always esteemed a harmless well-meaning man, not much regarding the riches of this world, but sufficiently provident to leave some little property behind him.
Source: The Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser 29 Jun 1827

Ann Bradwell

Convicted at Lancaster. Arrived on Experiment in 1804

Ann Thornley

Convicted at Lancaster in 1817 of stealing and bleaching linen. Arrived on Maria, with her daughter Margaret.