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Thomas James Aspery

TUB Court opened at 9.46 ,a.m.'  Judge Backhousé presiding,
Thomas Aspery, who pleaded guilty to two charges of horse-stealing, and one of larceny, was brought up for sentence.  On the previous day James Tully, of South Grafton, gave evidence to the effect that accused behaved in a some what eccentric manner prior to his departure for the Richmond at the time of the alleged theft of Brown's horse. He seemed to have been drinking, and did not to really know what he was doing.  Accused on being asked if he had anything to say why sentence should not be passed, said he had been a resident of the district 18 years, and this was the first occasion he had been charged with a dishonest act. He had always endeavoured to live an honest upright life, but had met with heavy losses during three or four years, unfortunately got into bad company, and worse than all, became a little addicted to drink. He had a wife and child and aged parents, and he asked for their sakes for a light sentence ; also that it be served in Grafton Gaol.  His Honor said he intended to sentence accused to Grafton Gaol, and no one regretted more than he did to see accused, who had previously been of a good character, in the position he was. It was clear that he had met with losses and taken to drink, which was the cause of. his. trouble. Although this was ' absolutely no defence, yet he could take into consideration the fact that had he not been drinking he would not be in his present position,. He intended to deal leniently with him, and trusted, at the expiration of his sentence he would get to work to retrieve his character, and keep away from drink, or probably he would again find himself in a similar position, he should remember that if ever he came before a Court on a future occasion he would dealt with, more severely.  He considered that a less sentence than that; provided, by the Criminal Law Amendment Act would meet the merits of this , and for the two charges of, horse-stealing, and one of larceny, that he had pleaded guilty to, he would sentence him to 12 months hard labour in Grafton Gaol on each charge, Sentences to be concurrent. . Accused was then removed.
Source: Clarence and Richmond Examiner 11 Feb 1890

At Grafton Thomas Aspery, after serving a sentence of 12 months, was arrested outside the gaol last week on a charge of obtaining money under false pretences from J. J. Franey, of Casino, and remanded to Casino, on bail.
Source: The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser 13 Feb 1891

The Attorney-General bas declined .to take further proceedings, against Thomas Aspery, charged with false pretences at the last Circuit Court, but whose case was postponed.
Source: Northern Star 27 May 1891

In bankruptcy-Voluntary séquestration : Thomas James Aspery, of South Grafton
Source: Clarence and Richmond Examiner 4 Apr 1891

ON WEDNESDAY, before the District Registrar in the estate or Thomas Aspery, farmer, South Grafton, a single meriting. Bankrupt said that be filed a true statement of his affairs ,has never been bankrupt before, nor made an assignment for the benefit of his creditors. He accounted for bankruptcy through losses of crops by drought and
flood three years in succession ; also, through being burnt out at Casino, whereby his house and its contents were destroyed. Mr. Norrie appeared for bankrupt.
Source: Clarence and Richmond Examiner 9 May 1891

Grafton Police Court.
YESTERDAY, before the P.M.
Thomas J. Aspery, on remand from the Casino Bench, «as charged with stealing a horse, the property of George H. McKee. Mr. McGuren appeared for accused. The evidence taken at the Casino court was read over, from which it appeared that accused said to Sergeant Evans, who arrested him, that McKee gave him the horse in question to sell. He rode him to Grafton, but he fell on the road, cutting his knees. He then sold him in Grafton, but did not get so much as he was to sell the horse for, but had sent word to McKee that he would make up the full price of the horse out of his own pocket. Constable Brown deposed to accused being handed over to him by Constable Burk, of the Casino force On the application of Inspector Casey, accused was remanded for eight days for the production of evidence. Accused was also charged with stealing a horse, the property of Edwin Criaton.  The evidence of Sergeant Evans, as given at the Casino Police Court, was to the effect that accused said when arrested that he bought the horse from an Indian on the Lawrence road for 35s, but got no receipt as the Indian could not write. Accused said he sold the horse to Abraham Brown.  On this charge he was also remanded for eight days. Accused was further charged with stealing a horse, the property of Joseph Brown. At the Casino Court, Sergeant Evans stated that accused informed him at the time of his arrest, that he purchased the horse in question with another and a saddle and bridle from a swagman, between Casino and Drake for £7. Accused said that he sold the blue grey horse to Mrs. Muldoon, but could not remember the amount. Showed him the receipt produced, which accused said he did not remember writing, but that he went by the name of Brown at Muldoon's. The receipt is for one grey horse sold to Mrs. Muldoon for value received, and is signed "Joseph Brown." Since 3rd instant, witness received a telegram, stating that the blue grey horse is the property of Joseph Brown, and probably stolen.  Accused was also remanded on this charge.

Source: Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser  14 Dec 1889

At the police court on Thursday Thomas Aspery, deemed to be insane was ordered to be forwarded to the Hospital for the Insane at Gladesville.
Source: Clarence and Richmond Examiner 23 Sep 1899