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228. John Rogan

Mr. Rogan has built up a reputation as the prize coachbuilder of the Cooma district, having to his credit a record of no fewer than 133 prizes carried, off by his vehicles at the Sydney Royal and other leading shows. Such a record places beyond doubt he remarkably high class of workmanship and finish in Mr. Rogan's manufactures. Those in need of buggies, sulkies and the like, should look him up. He gives you style as well , as durability, and low prices in conjunction with the highest quality.

Source:  The Catholic Press 18 Apr 1912


Mary Catherine Sheeky

Mrs. Rogan.
An old and valued resident was lost to Young on Saturday, 18th inst., in the passing after a long illness of Mrs. Mary Rogan, the wife of Mr. John Rogan, coachbuilder, at the age of 62 years. For the past 40 years she has been a figure in the life and progress of the town, and had been intimately associated with St. Mary's Church, where she was always a good and enthusiastic worker for every cause. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart Hospital were in attendance at her bedside. Born at Yass, she was the daughter of the late Mr. Patrick Sheeky, and married. Mr. Rogan, then living at Young, at St. Augustine's Church, Yass, in 1884. Of 10 children, eight are still living. They are Mr.T. J. Rogan (Young), Mrs. S. Wright (Young), Mrs. L. P. Quinlivan (Cowra), Miss Annie Rogan (Sydney), Mrs. A. B. McDermott (Cowra), and Misses Clare, Doreen and Florence Rogan (Young). There are six grandsons and one grand daughter. Mrs. Rogan. is survived by two brothers, Messrs. T. J. and J. J. Sheeky (Yass), by three sisters, Mrs. C. J. Palmer Mrs. W. H. Stokes (Mobman) and Miss Annie Sheeky (Yass), and her uncle, Mr. G. A. Cranfield (Young). The funeral took place on Sunday, 19th inst., and at St. Mary's Church a ceremony was conducted by the Very Rev. Dean Hennessy. Thence the cortege proceeded to the Catholic portion of the Young Cemetery. The chief mourners were the widower, Mr. J. J. Sheeky (brother), Mr. T. J. Rogan (son), Mr. G. A. Cranfield (uncle), Mr. Peter Rogan and Mr. Will Rogan (brothers-in-law), and a very large number of friends. The pall-bearers were Messrs. L. B. Quinlivan and A. B. MeDermott (sons-in-law) and Mr. Mark Wright and Mr. Pat Rogan (grandsons). The Very Rev. Dean Hennessy, P.P., referred feelingly to the death of Mrs. John Rogan at St. Mary's on the Sunday. Having known her for upwards of 40 years, he said, she was always a loyal worker for every cause proposed to her. She was invariably at the head of every list for the hospital, Old People's Home, the school and church. She was said to have collected £2000 by her own exertions. Unostentatious, kind, and considerate to all, she merited the esteem and respect of all. She went to her grave with an honoured name, an ideal wife and mother, of whose memory her children should be proud. She was 'a truly valiant woman. ' ' — R.I.P.
Source: The Catholic Press 30 Dec 1926