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Descendants of William Chalker

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48. Sarah Chalker

BOOTH-CHARKER-February 23rd, at St, Phillip's Church, by the Rev. Dean Cowper, Mr. William Booth, to Sarah, fourth daughter of William Charker, Esq., of Primrose Hill, near Cobbitty.
Source: The SMH 21 Mar 1861

53. William Charker

St Marys.
One of the best known residents of the district, Mr. William Charker, died at his residence, Daddington Street, St. Marys, on Thursday, 23rd inst., at the age of 87 years. A link with the historic past of the district is severed by his passing; in fact, he might have been regarded, effectionately, as the town's "oldest inhabitant.'' Mr Charker was born at Elder Park, out Luddenham way, in a house built by his grandfather over 100 years ago. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Charker, who wore also born in the colony, he in the district and she at Parramatta. His father came to the colony in Governor Macquarie's time His mother reached the age of 95 years. He lived all his life in this district, in was known by practically every man, woman, and child. For years he was a Timber merchant, in partnership with Turner and Gardiner, who at one time employed a great number of men. They were contractors for railway sleepers, and did a large business in other ways. He will be sadly missed by the Old Batters, as he and Mr. George Benuett were captains in the annual cricket match, every year since its inception. He was of a genial nature and a faithful friend. For many years Mr. Charker was a Forester. He and his brother Dave were members of A Company of the old Volunteers, which was formed over 60 years ago. Deceased was a man of robust physique, and maintained good health up till the last few years of his life. His wife died about five years ago. Mr. Charker is survived by three daughters and four sons, viz.:—Mrs Bowman (Barbord), Mr. W. Charker (Mascot), Mrs W. Herford (Botany), Mr E. A. Charker (Kensington), Mr Fred Charker (North Sydney), Mrs F. Turner (North Sydney), and Mr P. Charker (Melbourne). Messrs Dave and C. Charker, of St. Marys, are brothers of deceased. A sister, Mrs Rushton, died at Newcastle about, six months ago and two other sisters and a Brother also pre-deceased him.
The funeral, which was largely at tended, was held last Saturday. The remains were laid to rest in the C. of E. cemetery, St. Marys, alongside those of deceased's wife.
Source: Nepean Times 1 Jun 1929

Matilda Cock

Death of Mrs. W. Charker
Mrs. Matilda Charker, wife of Mr. W. Charker, died on Monday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. W. Herford, Banksia Road, Botany, at the age of 81 years. Deceased was a native of Cornwall, England, and came to Australia with her parents when she was only 12 years of age. They lived in Melbourne about three or four years, and removed to Parramatta, and afterwards to "Fleurs," where her father was engaged in farming. Later they came to St. Marys, where deceased was married to Mr. W. Charker. That was 60 years ago, and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charker has been in St. Marys ever since. Deceased enjoyed the esteem of a wide circle of friends in this district. Mrs. Charker is survived by three daughters and four sons, viz.: Mrs. T. Bowman (Manly), Mrs. W. Herford (Botany), Mrs. F. Turner (North Sydney), Mr. William Ernest Char- ker (Mascot), Mr. Frederick Charker (Darlinghurst), Mr. Albert Edward Charker (Darlinghurst), and Mr. Percival George Charker (Victoria). There are also eight grandchildren. , Two daughters and one son predeceased her. The funeral, which was largely attended, took place on Wednesday, the remains being brought by motor hearse from Botany to St. Marys, and interred in the Church of England cemetery on Church Hill. A service was held in the church, Rev, O. G. Dent carrying out the sacred duty, and Mr Percy Herford presiding at the organ. The hymn, '' Abide with Me,'' was sung, and the funeral march rendered. Many beautiful wreaths were forward- ed, among them being those from the Mayor and Aldermen of Botany (Mr. w. Herford, deceased's son-in-law being Mayor), and the Botany Red Cross and Soldiers' Memorial Committee.
Source: Nepean Times 9 Feb 1924

George Lynch Hill

88th Connaught Rangers

55. Charles Charker

Death of Mr. C. Charker
Mr Charles Charker, a well-known identity of the St. Marys district, and the last of his generation in the family, died at his residence, Willwood, Mamre Road, on Friday, 16th inst, at the age of 84 years and 7 months. Deceased was born at Cosgrove Creek, St. Marys, and lived in the district all his life. He was well known and very highly esteemed. The Charker family was associated with the district since the early days, and was greatly re- spected. The late William and David Charker, brothers of deceased, who died a few years ago, were also prominent identities in St. Marys. The late Mr Charles Charker is survived by five sons and four daughters, viz:—Ernest Frederick (Five Dock), Henry Charles (St. Marys), Mrs Richards (Mt. Druitt), Albert (Lidcombe), Mrs Comans (Glebe), William (Wollongong), Mrs Luke (Rooty Hill), Mrs Pettith (Luddenham), and Charles (Liverpool). There are 19 grand- children and two great-grandchildren. Another brother of deceased, Thomas, died about 20 years ago. The late Mrs Rushton, of Newcastle, and the late Mrs Ryan, of St. Marys, were sisters. The funeral took place on Saturday, when the remains were laid to rest, in the C. of E.portion of St. Marys general cemetery, Rev.R.G.B. Ashcroft conducted the service.
Source: Nepean Times 24 Jun 1933

56. David Charker

Mr. David Charker, one of the best known and most respected residents of the district, died at his residence, Putland Street, St. Marys, on Friday, 30th ult., at the age of 79 years. Mr. Charker was born at Elder Park, Tottenham, St. Marys. After serving his time as a tanner, he lived for a time in other parts of the State, and went to Queensland. After some years, he returned to St. Marys and he lived there for the rest of his days. An injury received many years ago left him an invalid thereafter. Deceased's wife died about 30 years ago. He leaves one daughter (May) and one brother (Mr. Charles Charker, of Willswood). his brother, Mr. William Charker, died last year, and another brother, Mr. Tom Charker, many years ago. The funeral, which took place on Saturday afternoon, was well attended. The burial was in the C. of E. Cemetery, St. Marys, the Rector, Rev. C. R. King, conducting the service. The L.O.L., of which deceased was a member, was largely represented. Many beautiful wreaths were forwarded.
Mr William Freame writes:— "It was with profound regret that I learnt of the death of my old pal, David Charker. We possessed many things in common, and a friendship of over 25 years is now a fragrant memory. With his passing, another link with the very early days of the South Creek district has been severed. To my knowledge his family, has been associated with the district for well over 100 years, and, before that, with Prospect and Parramatta. Mr. Charker, as a tanner, was indeed a master craftsman, unexcelled in his fabrication of the finer varieties of colored leather. For years he was in business in Queensland, but for many years had been an invalid, residing in his own home town, where he has had the attention of his devoted daughter, Miss May Charker. Not withstanding his disability, Dave was a genial soul, full of humor and quaint pleasantries. He was a great admirer of the works of Charles Dickens and Henry Lawson, and used to invest several of our acquaintances with the names of his favorite characters. For a layman, he possessed a remarkable knowledge of the Bible; he could quote from memory whole chapters of the Old Testament. Vale, old friend!
Source: Nepean Times 7 Jun 1930

314. Malinda May Charker

Miss Charker.
An esteemed resident of the district, Miss Malinda May Charker, died in Nepean District Hospital on 20th in&t., at the age of 58 years. Deceased was a helper in many public movements In the town.The funeral took place on Friday, the interment taking place in the C. of E. cemetery. The Rector, Rev. H. Broadley, conducted the service, and Bro. A, Allen read the service of the Orange Lodge, of which deceased was a member.
Source: Nepean Times 27 Feb 1941

57. Emma Martha Mary Charker

The death of Mrs Emma Rushton, who, for sixteen years, hnd been a resident of Wallsend, occurred some what unexpectedly, at the home of her daughter, Mrs H Candish, Wollombi Road, Cessnock, where she had been staying. Deceased was born nt Elder Park, SI. Marys, 72 years ago, and was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs W. Charker, and had spent the greater part of her life there. She was married at St. Marys, her husband being Mr Laurence Rushton, a brother of the late Mr Henry Rushton, of Wallsend. After her marriage, deceased lived in Wallsend for live years, and a return to her home town was then maile. Until 10 years ago she continued to live at Elder Park, and on the death of her mother then went to live with her daughter, in the Maitlnnd district. She leaves three sons and two daughters, viz., Mr M. Rushton (Berala), Mr C. Rushton (Queensland), Mr L. Rushton (Who has charge of the Newcastle-Wallsend Coal Company, Wallsend office), Mrs Candish (Cessnock), and Mrs Bradley (Wallsend). Surviving brothers are: "Wiliam, Charles, and David Charker, of St. Marys. A sister, Mrs Ryan, died about 11 years ago.
The remains of Mrs Rushton were interred in the Anglican cemetery, Wallsend, a motor funernal from Cessnock being conducted.
Source: Nepean Times 18 Aug 1928

58. Thomas Chalker

Suicide at Jerry's Plains.
On Sunday last a man named Thomas Chalker, a resident of Jerry's Plains, cut his throat with a razor. Meagre particulars are to hand as to the circumstances connected with the suicide, but it appears that after committing the rash act the unfortunate man lingered on until yesterday morning, when he died at 5 o'clock. Mr Pinchin, the coroner, holds an inquest on the body to-day.
Source: Singleton Argus 31 Mar 1903

337. James Alfred York

Employed by State Taxation Dept at the time of his death