Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of William Chalker

Notes - Page 9

147. John James (Jack) Chalker

Divorced 1839

160. Priscilla Chalker

Reserved judgment was delivered in the Divorce Court this morning iu the suit in which Priscilla Trainer, formerly Chalker, petitioned for a dissolution of her marriage with James Trainer, 0n the ground of desertion. His Honor said the parties lived to gether for 13 or 14 years, but separ- ated 10 years ago, and had not lived together since. Petitioner said her husband left her, taking all the furniture, and declaring he was going to live with another woman. She went back to her father, who resided about two miles and a half from where her husband went to live. About six months alter he left her she succeeded in getting two of the six children. Her father started her in a boarding house at Cooma, and there she also became a registered dairy proprietress. Her husband at this time lived at Cooma, and was following the occupation of a contractor, later on going to Wagga. The petitioner, how ever never approached her husband, nor did she obtain any support from him for 10 years. She was aware all the time that he was living with an other woman. Petitioner, in respect to the delay, said that she had not the means to proceed. His Honor was not satisfied on that point, because she had a boarding-house and a registered dairy. The charge of adultery against her husband had been abandoned, and she now asked relief on the ground of desertion. But in view of the fact that she was aware that he had been living in adultery for 16 years, coupled with the fact that she had not communicated with him, also the delay in the presentation of the petition, his Honor would dismiss the petition.
Source: Wagga Wagga Express 26 Jun 1913

161. Edward Chalker

Mr. Edward Chalker
Mr. Edward Chalker, of Hillgrove, who died in the Armidale and New England Hospital on Sunday, was 73 years of age. The late Mr. Chalker was born in the Cooma district and was one of the old-time team drivers. At the age of 70 he was still driving the old-style bullock team. He was employed for many years bv Mr. P. A. Wright, of Wallamumbi Station. Deceased is survived by his wife, four daughters and two sons. They are Mrs. James Egan (Armidale), Mrs. Jock Egan (Armidale), Miss Linda Chalker (Sydney), and Miss Vera Chalker (Hillgrove), Mr. Henry James Chalker (Armidale), Mr. Harry Chalker (Hillgrove).
The funeral left Piddington's Funeral Chapel on Monday morning after a service, for the Hillgrove cemetery, the Rev. E. H. Wilson read the services and Piddington's had charge of the arrangements.
Source: The Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser 15 Jun 1938