Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of William Eaton

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788. Robert Carlington Eather

Richmond Police Court,
Thursday, 14th March, 1901. Before Messrs. F. G. Neilley and W. Sullivan J's.P. Robert Eather, aged 10 years, appeared on bail, charged with stealing- two two shilling pieces, the property of the Rail way Commissioners at Richmond, on 13th March, 1901.
Mr. E. Campbell, who appeared for the boy, intimated that is was the intention of his client to plead guilty. Formal evidence was then given by Constable Pritchard that he, when concealed in parcels' office at the station, saw accused on 13th instant, about 8 o'clock, a.m., come in and climb on the counter and open one drawer and turn over papers ; accused went out and returned and opened another drawer and took out two two-shillings, previously marked by witness and railway officers ; witness jumped up and went after accused, and caught him 40 yards away ; on him witness found the two marked coins (now produced) ; accused said he would not do it again, that Harry Perry told him where the money was. He then locked accused up. Mr David Chivers, stationmaster, gave evidence that the coins were the property of Railway Commissioners and that they were marked and put in the drawer on the morning of 13th instant, when witness went to breakfast ; on his return the coins were gone. About £1 3s 1d besides the 4/- had been taken during the last fort night in small sums.
The offence was reduced into writing by the Bench and read over to the accused, and he pleaded guilty. The police asked the Bench to order restitution of money taken, The chairman (Mr. Neilley) said they could do this with respect to the 4/-, but the question of the other money was not; before them. Mr. Campbell stated the boy's father (Mr. William Eather) had offered to pay all the money taken, to Mr. Chivers, but Mr. Chivers could not take the money as the case was in the hands of the police. Mr. William Eather stated that he would pay it back. Mr. Chivers said Mr. Eather had very honorably offered to pay it all up,. but he could not take it until the case was dealt with. The Bench admonished the accused, and hoped the fine of 10/- which they now inflicted, and his having been arrested and locked up, would be a salutory lesson to him to keep out of wrong-doing. They could make no order as to the other monies taken, but no doubt Mr. Eather would do as he said. The accused was fined 10/., which was paid.

Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 23 Mar 1901

795. Ivy Eather

Mother could be Ivy Kelly married to Leslie Eather

1077. Frederick J Eather

Sydney, Julv 12.
The 12-monthd old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Eather was drowned in a tub containing 1 in. of water last evening. The mother went up the yard for a few minutes, and when she came back the child had fallen in head first.

Source: The Advertiser (SA) 13 Jul 1917