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4. William Eggleton

SATURDAY.-Dennis Howard, John Wilkinson, James Davis, and John Northorn, were indicted for the following robberies and burglary, committed in the district of Airds, upon the night of the 28th of August last ; viz. 1. For feloniously entering the dwelling house of William Eggleton, and stealing sundry articles therefrom. 2. For entering Ihe dwelling-house of Patrick Macquinnity, and stealing various articles of property therefrom. 3. For entering the dwelling house of James Blackburn. And 4. For burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Thomas Acres, and taking therefrom various articles :-to this four-fold indictment the prisoners pleaded Not Guilty.
William Eggleton deposed, that his house was entered upon a Sunday night, or Monday morning, by four men. Having been alarmed by the barking of the dogs, he arose, and upon opening the bed-room door, he saw four men standing in the outer room, to which there was no door ; the unwelcome intruders en- quired for a man named Simpson ; and before he could answer a second question, his watch was demanded. He was then placed in an opposite corner of the front room, one of the robbers standing centinel over him, at the same time cocking his piece. Two of them procured a light and went into the bed-room, in which his wife was lying, to search for spoil ; and the fourth remained on duty at the door. It being moon-light, he was enabled to see the countenance of the man at the door, which he positively swore to be that of the prisoner, Dennis Howard. The other fellows tried to intimidate his wife by threats in order to force her to give them some money, but finding such fruitless, they drank some spirits which was found in a box ; and, having supplied themselves with about 2lbs. of soap, made off.-Sophia Eggleton corroborated her husband's testimony, and also identified the prisoner Howard ; adding, that she was afraid of looking at the men in the bed-room, as, had her eyes met theirs, in all probability she would have become sacrificed for her temerity ; but the prisoner Howard being at a distance, afforded an opportunity of taking an occasional glance, and the moon exposing the features of his face, she was enabled to swear to him positively.

Source: The Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser 11 Oct 1822

Robert Lack

Convict - Canada 1801
Occupation: Baker