Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of William Saltmarsh

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17. Thomas Holt Saltmarsh

Accidently Killed

37. Christie Montgomery Saltmarsh

Divorced 1921

47. Thomas Richard Saltmarsh

Funerals MR. T. R. SALTMARSH The funeral of Mr. Thomas Richard Saltmarsh, of Launceston, took place in the Christ Church cemetery, Longford, yesterday afternoon. Rev. W. H. MacFarlane took the service. Mr. Saltmarsh was the sixth son of the late John and Elizabeth Saltmarsh, of Longford. He was born at Pateena in 1864. He married Elizabeth Greig. There were no children. For many years he was an employee of the late Mr. T. C. Archer, Woolmers. After the death of his wife he went to reside in Launceston. He is survived by two brothers; Messrs. Charles and Joseph Saltmarsh, who were the chief mourn ers. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Armitage and Armitage.

Source: Examiner14 Nov 1941

73. Joseph Saltmarsh

DEATH OF CRESSY FARMER Mr. Joseph Saltmarsh A well-known identity of Cressy, Mr. Joseph Saltmarsh, died at the Toosey Memorial Hospital, Longford, on Monday night after an extended ill ness. Mr. Saltmarsh, who was aged 72, was the second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. Saltmarsh, of Saundridge. The greater part of his life was spent in the Cressy district, where he was engaged in farming. He was for a period manager of Formosa estate, He leaves a widow, who was for merly Miss Mabel Whatley. The fune ral took place at the Holy Trinity cemetery on Wednesday afternoon. The chief mourners were Mrs. J. Saltmarsh (widow), Mr. T. Saltmarsh (brother), Messrs. R. and H. Whatley, and E. Davis (brothers-in-law). The service at the graveside was conducted by Rev. Z. A. Higgins. Funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. G. Hudson, of Longford.

Source: Examiner 22 Ju 1939

75. Charlotte Saltmarsh

ADAM-SALTMARSH.-On the 10th May, at the Church of St. Barnabas, Sheffield, by the incumbent, Rev. J. S. Roper, Charles Frederick Douglas, late 2nd Battalion, L.N.L. Regiment (81st Foot), eldest son of General F. J. S. Adam, late Indian Staff Corps, to Charlotte, eighth daughter of Richard Saltmarsh, of Sandridge, Cressy, Tasmania.

Source: Launceston Examiner 11 May 1899