Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of William Saunders

Notes - Page 5

47. John William Dance

1881 living in Taplow.
1891 Bray Berk Gardener living with Lydia nd Mary Ann and a boarder - David Ingamells - Florist

Lydia White

Lydia died between 1905 and 1911

48. Albert Edwin Dance


1911 living in maidenhead berk with wife and children
Horace Edwin Dance Son Male 18 Maidenhead, Berkshire
John William Dance Son Male 16 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Cuthbert Cecil Dance Son Male 15 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Hilda Jessie Dance Daughter Female 14 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Hubert Archie Dance Son Male 12 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Albert George Dance Son Male 10 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Gladys Rossitter Dance Daughter Female 7 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Stanley Dance Son Male 4 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Victor Dance Son Male 4 Maidenhead, Berkshire
Sidney Dance Son Male 1 Maidenhead, Berkshire

172. Horace Edwin Dance

1911 Occ. Commander Valet in Tailor industry living with parents

173. John William Dance

1911 Errand boy for fishmonger. living with parents

56. Walter Bruce Saunders

Dairyman Farmer - Carman

58. Rose Ellen Saunders

1881 Hillingdon Gen Service Domestic
1901 widow - Renting out apartments

Frederick William Walters

Frederick died befween 1897 and 1901

Matilda Webb

1911 Widow Dressmaker Hillingdon

Selina Webb b1862 sister to Matilda
Mary Ann Webb b 1860 sister to matilda

196. Hilda May Saunders

1911 living with mother - dressmaker

62. Frederick George Saunders

1911 - Grocers traveller living in Hillingdon

64. Selina Coker

1881 Dressmaker

William Thorne

1891 Chair turner
1911 farm labourer

200. Gertrude Alice Thorne

1911 Domestic Housemaid

201. Sidney George Thorne

1911 farm labourer

65. Jane Coker

Chair caner

William Bailey

1891 Dealer in Cattle

204. Gilbert Bailey

1911 shop assistant

205. Dorothy Bailey

1911 dressmaker living with her aunt, Lily B Coker

66. Emanuel Edward Coker

1891 Blacksmith
1911 Coach builder

Sarah Jane Taylor

1911 Milliner

William Pusey

Chair maker