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Descendants of William Saltmarsh

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50. Joseph (John) Saltmarsh

MR. JOSEPH SALTMARSH The funeral of Mr. Joseph Saltmarsh, Longford, took place at the Christ Church Cemetery, Longford, yesterday. Brethren of the Foresters' Lodge, Court Robin Hood, preceded the funeral. Services were conducted by Rev. W. H. MacFarlane, assisted by Rev. E. L. Phillips. Chief mourners were Messrs. Norman and Reginald Saltmarsh (sons), W. Wallace and F. Dolbey (sons-in- law), G. Smart, L. Dennis and R. Hinds (brothers-in-law), D. Saltmarsh (grandson), R. J. Wise, R. Smith and L. C. Wise (nephews). Casket bearers were four members of the Foresters' Lodge, Bros. E. Seymour, E. Bird, R. J. Weily and E. Powell. Wreaths were received from A. J. Stokes and Sons and the Longford Baptist Church. Mr. Saltmarsh died in the Launces- ton General Hospital on Friday. He was the youngest son and the last survivor of the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Saltmarsh, of Pateena, Long- ford, and a grandson of the late William Saltmarsh, one of the early settlers on Norfolk Plains, now Pateena. Born at Pateena 72 years ago, he took up carpentry, and for many years was an employee of A. G. Stokes and Sons. In 1904 he married Miss Matilda Dennis, eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Dennis, Perth, and his widow, two sons and two daugh- ters, Edna (Mrs. W. Wallace) and Leita (Mrs. F. Dolbey) survive him. Funeral arrangements were made by Mr. G. W. Hudson, Longford.
Source: Examiner 15 Jan 1945

142. Norman Saltmarsh

Daphne May Dixon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Dixon, Longford, was married to Norman Saltmarsh, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Saltmarsh, Longford, at Christ Church, Longford, on Saturday. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. T. J. Gibson. Mrs. G. V. Jones was organist. Cream satin fashioned thc bridal gown, which was shirred at the shoulders and waist. The fitting sleeves had shirred cuffs. A spray of orange blossom adorned the long train. The bride wore a veil of embroidered net lent by her aunt, Mrs. W. Dixon, and carried a bouquet of cream chrysanthemums, roses, and maidenhair fern. Miss Molly Mansfield, the bridesmaid, wore a frock of azure blue marquisette over taffeta, with wings ot velvet ribbon from the neckline to hem. Her headdress was of blue marquisette, and she carried a bouquet of pink carnations and heath. Maureen Dixon, cousin of the bride, was trainbearer, and wore a pink satin frock with tiny velvet bows at the neckline and waist. Ann Bartlett, cousin of the bride, was cushion bearer, and' wore a green satin frock with tiny bows at the neckline and waist. Mr. K. Madden was best man. The reception was held at the Anglican Sunday School, Longford. Mrs. Dixon wore a frock of navy cloque with a navy hat and accessories, and carried a bouquet of chrysanthemums and erica. Mrs. A. Mansfield, who represented the bridegroom's family, wore a black georgette frock with matching coat and burgundy accessories, and carried a bouquet of chrysanthemums and erica. The honeymoon is being spent on the North-West Coast. The bride travelled in a grey tailored costume, with burgundy accessories and a tunis blue coat. Mr. and Mrs. Saltmarsh will live at Longford.

Source: The Mercury 2 Jul 1940

71. Arthur Saltmarsh

THE funeral of Mr A Saltmarsh,, who died in the Spencer Hospital on [November 3], took place at the Wivenhoe cemetery on -Monday. The late Mr. Saltmarsh was born at Cressy 80 years ago. and arrived at Hillsley in 1915. He followed farming pursuits. He leaves three sons, Haden (Burne), Rex (Footscray), ¡md Basil (Ridgley). The chief mourners were Messrs. Baden and Basil Saltmarsh (sons), L Redgate and E. Saltmarsh (grandsons), AV. Haygarth and G. Hodgetts (brothers-in-law) and Mrs. W Haygarth (sister-in-law). The carriers were Messrs. W K. and H. Hodgetts and M. Quirk. Hon. C. H. Rose officiated at services at St. George's Church, Burnie, and the graveside.
Source: Advocate 9 Nov 1945

78. William Saltmarsh

Lived at 24 South St Battery Point